Creating a Waste Pickup Request


    Waste requests are picked up within 10-14 business days.

    1. Go to your Home Page in the EHSA and Click the “Hazardous Waste” icon at the bottom right of the page.Main Screen Inventory

    2. Click the "+Add a Waste Request" block (left top corner), a new screen will pop outAdd Waste Request
    3. If you filled out your personal waste user profile,  all of your personal information should have popped up once you clicked on the Add Waste button.  From here you will need to make sure that all the contact information is correct.  If any of the information needs to be changed, all you need to do is click on the edit button and correct the information.   Lastly, before moving on from this section make sure to check the location box to insure the correct lab number is selected. Then indicate the type of waste. A new waste stream would fall under the Chemicals-Used category.   Confirm Autofill
    4. You will then start to fill out each blank as they pertain to your waste pickup. Make sure to fill out each blank. Waste type, physical form, container type, container size, and Unit of Measure. Also specify as to where the waste is, under the Hood, or located in the Hood, and even in secondary container next to hood. This will make it a lot easier for our pickups. If you have any comments that you need to add such as please leave a four liter bottle, Please place it in the comments section. If this is a waste stream that has already been created and has a waste profile, go to step 11.Contents location
    5. Once all the information is filled out, go down to the container contents and click on the search button. Make sure to click on the search button and do not just start typing.  By clicking on the search button, it will take you to a new screen and allow you pull the chemicals from our chemical inventory.Search for Chemical
    6. If a waste profile does not exist, you may enter chemicals using the search function. In the chemical description section, type the name or CAS number of the chemical that you are sending to waste and then hit search.  A list of chemicals will appear from the chemical inventory.  Locate the chemical that is planned for disposal and select it.  Then select the best choice. MeOH Search
    7. Once you have selected the chemical and attached it to your waste pick up, look to make sure that the information is correct.  Look at the percentage of the chemical and make sure that you have a reasonable estimate of the percentage.  It does not have to be exact, just your best estimate.Chemical Percentage
    8. If there is more than one ingredient, then go to the next line and select search.  This will allow you to type in the next chemical.  You will do the same steps as before.  Once you have picked your chemical you will add it to the pickup.  The computer will automatically calculate your percentage of the next chemical. Make sure that the total is 100%.MeOH Water Waste Steam
    9. Once you have finished your pick-up request, all you will need to do is go to the bottom of the page and click the Save & Submit button.  If you have another bottle of waste that needs to be added to the pickup, all you will then need to do is click "Add Additional Container button.  Repeat the process described above until all your containers are included.  When finished, click "Save" at the bottom of a page.  You will receive an E-Mail that your Waste Request was button
    10. Print your new waste label immediately and apply on your waste container.  Printing waste labels provides additional details.
    11. you have a waste stream that has already been added to the system all you will need to do is, once you click on the search tab and you get to the chemical description section just type in the PI’S last name. [ example: Kartika. ] All the waste streams for that PI will pop up and all you will need to do is select the correct waste stream that you are wanting to select.PI Profile
    12. Once you have selected the waste stream that you want to use, then make sure that all of the information and percent is correct.   Then all you will need to do is hit save.