Printing Labels for your Waste Container

    To conform to EPA rules, all containers that are intend for use to collect waste must be labeled before waste is added.

    1. Click the “Waste” icon.Waste Home Link
    2. A new screen will pop-up showing all your current waste requests.  Select the waste stream that needs a label.
    3. Go to "Waste Request Report"  icon (top of page),  select the proper size of label, select the first label, then print.  A new tab or window (depending on your browser preferences) will show up. If a Waste Label doesn't appear, make sure your "Pop-up Blocker" is off.  The labels are based on Avery Label sizes.  You can print from a whole page to ten per page.  Just make sure that the ingredient stream shows correctly.  waste labels
    4. Print the label and attach it to the bottle. It is also acceptable to print on plain paper and tape the label to the bottle. Example Label