Water Quality

Water Quality is strictly regulated by the LADEQ. Any discharge into a body of water of into the sanitary sewer may result in damage to the ecosystem and enforcement actions by the state. Some discharges are allowed ,but only when properly approved by the state through the permit process. LSU is permitted to discharge sewer waste to the city parish sewer system. LSU is also permitted to discharge wash water into a local bayou by the LADEQ.

City Sewer Discharge Permit Management

LSU is the largest user of water and the largest discharger of waste in the parish. Sanitary sewer waste is discharged off campus into city parish sewage treatment facilities. The waste sent off campus is routinely monitored by LSU and City Parish employees to insure that only normal sewage is being discharged. Waste must fall within a set criteria when it reaches the treatment plant. Waste falling outside the established limits will be surcharged; or in other words, the University will be fined. A current discharge permit is included in the appendix.