Chemical Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan

The Chemical Hygiene Plan describes the safe and proper use, handling practices, and procedures to be followed by personnel working in University laboratories necessary to protect them from potential health and physical hazards presented by chemicals used in the workplace, and to keep chemical exposures below specified limits. The laboratory safety requirements apply to all faculty, staff, and students engaged in the laboratory use of hazardous chemicals.

Chemical Inventory Management

The Environmental Health and Safety Assistant (EHSA) is an environmental and safety database used for regulatory compliance. It is a LSU requirement that every lab maintain an electronic chemical inventory  The EHSA provides a strong inventory program. 

EHS is requesting that lab personnel utilize the Inventory Section to maintain their chemical inventory by adding and deleting chemicals as required.  All incoming chemicals must be bar coded and the bar codes are provided by EHS.  A hard copy of the chemical inventory in the lab can be printed from the reports section.  The permit worker section can be used to add and delete personnel as needed.  The training section shows the required and completed on-line training for each lab worker.  The waste pickup section must be used to submit waste request.   Door placards for your lab can be printed from the Administrative Reports section.

The program is web based.  Your PAWS ID and password allow access to the system.  If you have difficulty accessing the system, please contact EHS and we can adjust the internal security settings so that you should be able to see information relating to your research group.

Additional information and function are being added to the system on a regular basis.  Currently the Emergency Response, and Department Blocks are not active. Feel free to call (8-4314) or Email ( with problems, suggestions, or concerns.

EHSA Training

The EHS web site provides the EHS User Handbook that provide instructions for operation of the system.