Create Waste Request Profile

    In order to create a waste record, you must first have a valid waste request profile.

    You will need to edit your waste request profile to include additional PIs, if you don't see them in the drop-down (after clicked "Edit" next to "PI" in the top part of the waste request screen).

    1. On the EHSA Home Screen, click the far left icon, "Hazardous Waste."Shows How to Start Waste Pickup
    2. On the next screen: Click “Add a Waste Generator Request."Adding a Waste Request
    3. If you don’t have a valid profile, a pop-up will indicate “Missing Waste Request Profile." Click “Yes.”Missing Waste Profile
    4. The top part of the profile should auto-populate. If it does not, enter: User ID, Name, Phone Number and e-mail address.Fill in Information
    5. Under “Waste Request Information,” click "Add."
    6. Select the appropriate PI from the drop down. You will likely only have one choice.Adding a PI
    7. Select the appropriate Department, Building, and Lab Number. Your choices will be restricted based on your PI selection. For those PIs who occupy multiple buildings and/or labs: select those you use most often and click “Yes” under default. For any PI, you will be able to change locations, if necessary, on the “Add a waste request” screen.
    8. Click “Save.”
    9. If you have another PI you work for, you can add them now, or at a later time using “Edit profile” on the waste request screen.
    10. Scroll down to the bottom of screen, click “Save” again. This will take you back to the waste request screen with a valid profile. 

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