Mallard duckling freed from fishing wire, treated, returned to family at lakes near LSU

rescuing mallard duckling
mallard duck
mallard duck
mallard duck and duckling



When Charlotte Ryland encountered a mallard duckling tangled in fishing wire unable to join her family on shore, Charlotte wrangled a long pole, pulled the duckling to land, cut the wire enough to free her, and rushed her to LSU Wildlife Hospital. The duckling was sedated, fishing wire tangling her wings and foot removed, Charlotte picked her up and returned her to her family the next day.  

“Without help, she wouldn’t have made it. We’re very lucky there’s a place nearby that we can bring distressed wildlife. She's all grown up now,” Charlotte said. The LSU Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana is a vital resource that cares for our state's injured and sick wildlife—1,600 cases this year alone. We do not charge a fee to those who bring us sick and injured wildlife. 

Please join us in helping Louisiana’s sick and injured wildlife 

Costs range from $50 for the basic care of a turtle to more than $3,000 to rehabilitate a bald eagle. The biggest expense is food. LSU Wildlife Hospital spends $18,000 per year on food for wildlife patients. Your contribution makes a direct impact on these lives. 

We invite you to join our campaign to raise $10,000 by November 24 for wildlife treated at the LSU Wildlife Hospital of Louisiana. 

Funds raised in this campaign will help ensure that every wildlife patient brought to our hospital receives the very best care. Your contribution helps pay for food, housing, veterinary procedures and treatments. Please feel free to share with friends and family who might wish to help support sick or injured wildlife. 

Thank you for helping us provide sick and injured wildlife a chance to heal and for being a vital part of our mission.