Community Champion of the Month

Chamption flyer for Linda Martinez

What is the Champion of the Month Program?

Students (both veterinary and graduate), staff, house officers, and faculty are all eligible for nomination. Nominations can come from anyone in our community and should include the nominee’s name, email address, and a short description (300 words or fewer [alternatively, “a maximum of 300 words”) of why this individual is worthy of being an LSU Vet Med Community Champion. One awardee will be selected each month.

Who should I nominate?

All members of the LSU Vet Med community are eligible to be a champion! Here are a few examples:

  • A classmate who helped you with clinical service or prepared you for that challenging exam
  • A staff member who helped you troubleshoot something you have been working on or master that technique you have been struggling with
  • A faculty member who spent extra time helping you prepare for a big presentation, teaching you a technique, or reviewing concepts for an exam
  • A colleague who helped you get through a difficult day
  • A house officer who worked hard to save a very sick patient still took the time to ensure you understood the case's principles and the treatments selected

These are just a few examples as you consider whom you would like to nominate. Please consider nominating those individuals whom you think should be recognized!

Who can nominate?

Any student, staff, house officer, or faculty member can nominate an individual.

How do I nominate?

Nominations are accepted via email. If you would like to nominate someone, please send the following information to with Champion in the subject line:

Nominee’s name

Nominee’s email address

Nominee’s position at LSU Vet Med (i.e., student, staff, faculty)

Nominator’s name

A short description (300 words or fewer) of why the nominee would be an excellent choice for LSU Vet Med Community Champion

Nominations for the Champion are due by the 15th of the month before the award is given (e.g., August nominations are due July 15).

Being a Champion has its rewards

Champions will receive a special certificate, designated parking spot for the month, LSU gift bag, and lunch for two with Dean Oliver Garden (lunch will be held quarterly with the respective awardees). In addition, awardees will receive recognition on the LSU Vet Med website, on social media, and in the Connections newsletter.