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Welcome to the Department of Biological Sciences graduate program. This site provides information for new, current and prospective students. The New Student section is concerned with getting started at LSU, while The Current Student selection offers information of importance to students currently enrolled in the department, and the Prospective Student category contains in-depth descriptions of the department, the faculty, departmental requirements and how to apply. You may go to this information simply by selecting the appropriate link. 

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Concentrates on the many disciplines intrinsic to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology including cell and molecular biology, plant biochemistry, enzymology and carbohydrate molecular biophysics

Graduate degree in Biochemistry


Biological Sciences

Emphasizes modern interdisciplinary approaches to biology in areas such as bioinformatics, systematics, ecology, cell biology, and physiology; and also the traditional organism based approaches such as botany, microbiology and zoology.

Graduate degree in Biological Sciences