Dorota Heneghan | LSU Foreign Languages and Literatures

Dorota  Heneghan 

Associate Professor of Spanish 

Ph.D. Yale University, 2008

Phone: 225-578-8515


Office: 323 Hodges Hall


Area of Interest

Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture; Interdisciplinary Approaches to Modern Spanish Culture; Comparative Literature; Contemporary Spanish Women Writers; Women and Gender Studies; Transatlantic Studies; Art History.

Recent Teaching

CPLT 7130 Special Topics in Comparative Literature, SPAN 7994 Cultural Studies in Hispanic Literature, SPAN 7970 Comparative Studies in Hispanic Literature, SPAN 7961 Special Topics in Modern Peninsular Literature, SPAN 4915 Research in Spanish Literature, SPAN 4500 Special Topics in Transatlantic Studies, SPAN 4100 Women Writers in the Hispanic World, SPAN 4034 Special Topics - 18th- and 19th-Century Spanish Literature. SPAN 4063 Special Topics – Spanish Literature from 1898 to 1936


Recent and Notable Publications


Striking Their Modern Pose: Fashion, Gender, and Modernity in Galdós, Pardo Bazán, and PicónWest Lafayette: Purdue University Press, 2015.



  • "The Meaning of Meals in Galdós’ El amigo Manso." The Gastronomic Arts in Spain: Food and Etiquette. Eds. Federick de Armas & James Mandrell, forthcoming
  • "Before 1898: Architecture and Nation in Emilia Pardo Bazán's El tesoro de Gastón." Revista de Estudios Hispánicos 52.1 (2018): 223-243.
  • "The Indiano’s Marriage and the Crisis of Imperial Modernity in Galdós’ El amigo Manso." Siglo Diecinueve. Literatura Hispánica 22 (2016): 91-108.
  • "From Decline to Regeneration: Gender Relations and Nation in Sofía Casanova’s La madeja." Bulletin of Hispanic Studies 91.7 (2014): 713-728.
  • "War and Nation in Sofía Casanova’s Princesa rusa." New Readings in Latin American and Spanish Literary and Cultural Studies. Ed. Laura M. Martins. Cambridge, England: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2014. 134-150. 
  • "The Working Woman’s Body in Emilia Pardo Bazán's La Tribuna." El naturalismo en España. Aproximaciones desde una perspectiva actual.  Ed. Efraín E. Garza. Miami: Alexandria Library, 2013. 91-122.
  • “Fashion and Femininity in Emilia Pardo Bazán's Insolación.” Hispanic Review 80.1 (Winter 2012):  63-84.
  • “What is a Man of Fashion?  Manuel Pez and the Image of the Dandy in Galdós’s La de Bringas.” Anales Galdosianos 44/45 (2009/2010): 57-70.


Awards & Honors

Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professorship, Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, United Kingdom (2018-2019)

LSU Ogden Honors College Robert L. “Doc” Amborski Faculty Teaching and Service Award (2018) Awarded for excellence in teaching honors seminars and service to LSU Ogden Honors College

SCMLA Faculty Research Grant (2015)

Spain's Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports Hispanex Research Grant (2014)

LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Manship Summer Research Fellowship (2013)
LSU Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award (2012) Awarded for excellence in teaching undergraduate courses
ATLAS Board of Regents Award to Louisiana Artists and Scholars (2011-2012)
LSU College of Humanities and Social Sciences Summer Research Grant (2011, 2014)
Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain’s Ministry of Culture and United States’ Universities Research Grant (2009)

LSU Council on Research Summer Stipend Grant (2009)  

Yale College Prize Teaching Fellowship (2004, 2006)  Awarded twice for excellence in teaching undergraduate courses; one of twelve recipients university wide.
Yale University Edward H. Butler Dissertation Fellowship (2004-2005)
Yale University John Perry Miller Fund Grant (2005)
Yale University Beinecke Research Fellowship (2004)
Yale University John F. Enders Research Grant (2003, 2004)
Yale University Latin American and Iberian Studies Travel Grant (2003)

Notable Activities

“Heroes, Outcasts, and Scapegoats: Nation and Belonging in Spanish Women’s Narrative Between the Wars,” (Public Lecture) delivered at the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Bristol, United Kingdom (November 22, 2018)


“From Poland with Love: Mapping the Spanish-Russo Relations in Sofía Casanova’s Interwar Journalism and Fiction,” (Departmental Lecture) delivered at the School of Modern Languages, University of Bristol, United Kingdom (November 21, 2018)


Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CISC), Madrid, Spain

Invited Participant in Grupo de Investigación Cultura,  Edición y Literatura en el Ámbito

Hispánico, Editores y Editoriales Iberoamericanos (siglos XIX-XXI) EDI-RED. Project Director:

Professor Pura Fernández (2016-present)