Undergraduate Program in Hispanic Studies

Student Spotlight


Meet Abigail G. Milligan. Recipient of the 2021 Corinne L. Saucier Endowed Scholarship in Romance Languages. “My name is Abbie Grace Milligan, and I am a senior triple majoring in Spanish, Political Science, and International Studies with a minor in Psychology. I have spent my years at LSU immersed in the LSU community through many different organizations, and I will be serving as the Student Body Vice President in my final year at LSU. I have always dreamt of attending law school after I graduate, and I plan to specialize in either Immigration or International Law. Using Spanish in my professional career has always been a passion of mine, and it has grown through my work with the Service-Learning program through Spanish at LSU. I have spent the past semester working with the immigration legal services for Catholic Charities in Baton Rouge, and my appreciation for my Spanish degree is something I will always be proud of and thankful for. I look forward to finishing my Spanish degree my senior year by writing my thesis in Spanish for the Ogden Honors College with the help of my mentor, Professor Rafael Orozco.”


Meet Joshua Hermanstorfer. Recipient of the 2021 James Smith Jr. Endowed scholarship in Romance Languages. "My passion for studying Spanish started in seventh grade with my first-ever Spanish class. I had an awesome teacher, Sra. Meli, who was instrumental in sparking a passion for the Spanish language in my heart. Upon my arrival at LSU, I was undeclared in my major. However, the Spanish professors within the Department of World Languages reawakened a fire in my heart for the Spanish language and the history and culture of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. I knew that I had to major in Spanish so that I could continue to feed my hankering for knowledge. One day I hope to not only visit but live in a Spanish-speaking country. I know that this transition is going to be a million times easier for me thanks to the education I have received here at LSU. I cannot express my gratitude enough to the faculty here for investing in my learning and for awarding me with the James Smith Jr. Endowed Scholarship. ¡Vamos Tigres!"

Undergraduate Major

The undergraduate major (B.A. in Spanish) offers students a flexible program which combines the traditional focus on language and literature along with offerings in cultural studies and professional uses of Spanish. Majors must complete a minimum of 33 hours in Spanish numbered above 2102, including 2155, 2156, 3010, 3020 and any four of the following nine: 3015, 3043, 3044, 3070, 3071, 3072, 3073, 3074, 3980 plus 4005 and at least six hours of 4000-level courses. Native speakers majoring in Spanish must substitute any two 3000 or 4000-level Spanish electives for 2155 and 2156. Majors must see the Undergraduate Advisor prior to registration and for all questions regarding requirements.

Undergraduate Minor

The undergraduate minor in Spanish consists of 18 semester hours above Spanish 2102, including Spanish 2155, 2156, 3010 and nine hours of courses at the 3000-4000-level. Native speakers minoring in Spanish must substitute any 3000 or 4000-level Spanish elective for 2155 and 2156. Minors are encouraged to see the Undergraduate Advisor before registration and for all questions regarding requirements. 

Sequence of courses and prerequisites in course requirements for Majors and Minors is as follows:

  • SPAN 2155: prerequisite 2102
  • SPAN 2156: may be taken with SPAN 2155
  • SPAN 3010: may be taken with SPAN 2155 and/or SPAN 2156
  • SPAN 3020: prerequisite SPAN 3010 or equivalent. SPAN 3020 is a prerequisite for all 3000-level literature courses
  • SPAN 4005: prerequisite SPAN 3010
  • All 4000 level literature courses: prerequisite one of the following: 3043, 3044, 3071, 3072

 Please direct any remaining questions to the Undergraduate Advisor, Dr. Carmela Mattza, 225-578-6638 or cmattza@lsu.edu