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Faculty by Language


Name Title Phone Email Office
Touria Khannous Associate Professor 225-578-0427 tkhann1@lsu.edu 301A Hodges Hall
Raymond Stock Instructor 225-578-3033 rstock@lsu.edu 455 Hodges Hall
Mark Wagner Professor 225-578-0408 mwagner@lsu.edu 302 Hodges Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Qiancheng Li Associate Professor 225-578-6639 lqianc1@lsu.edu 335 Hodges Hall
Lan Zhe Senior Instructor 225-578-7066 lzhe@lsu.edu 351 Hodges Hall
Gang Zhou Associate Professor 225-578-6647 gzhou@lsu.edu 312 Hodges Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Paul Anderson Senior Instructor 225-578-8515 pander3@lsu.edu 323 Hodges Hall
Kristopher Fletcher Associate Professor 225-578-8514 kfletc8@lsu.edu 307 Hodges Hall
Michael Katchmer Senior Instructor 225-578-3754 mkatchm@lsu.edu 352 Hodges Hall
Wilfred Major Associate Professor 225-578-2536 wmajor@lsu.edu

304 Hodges Hall

Claire McGraw Instructor 225-578-9026 cmcgra5@lsu.edu 

348 Hodges Hall

Richard Warga Associate Professor 225-578-6614 warga@lsu.edu 305 Hodges Hall
Albert  Watanabe Senior Instructor 225-578-9026 awatan@lsu.edu 348 Hodges Hall
Michelle Zerba
Erich and Lea
Sternberg Professor 
225-578-3048 mzerba@michellezerba.com 223A Allen Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Michael Dettinger Senior Instructor 225-578-8633 mbdett1@lsu.edu 249 Prescott Hall
Gundela Hachmann Associate Professor 225-578-5170 ghachmann@lsu.edu 306 Hodges Hall
Harald Leder Instructor 225-578-6801 hleder@lsu.edu 107 Hatcher Hall
Andrea Morshaeuser Senior Instructor 225-578-6671 andrea@lsu.edu 443 Hodges Hall
Justin Myers Instructor 225-578-6636 jdmyers@lsu.edu 340 Hodges Hall
John Pizer Professor 225-578-5172 pizerj@lsu.edu 314 Hodges Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Paul Anderson Senior Instructor 225-578-8515 pander3@lsu.edu 323 Hodges Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Kevin Bongiorni Associate Professor 225-578-3311 kbongiorni@lsu.edu 423 Hodges Hall
Paolo Chirumbolo Associate Professor 225-578-6779 chirumbo@lsu.edu 328 Hodges Hall
Corrada Curry Instructor 225-578-6627 cbiazzo@lsu.edu 401C Hodges Hall
Kathryn Monroe Senior Instructor 225-578-6611 kprovenz@lsu.edu 326 Hodges Hall
Andrea Morshaeuser Instructor 225-578-6671 andrea@lsu.edu 443 Hodges Hall


Name Title Phone Email Office
Handy Acosta Cuellar Instructor 225-578-3754 hcuellar1@lsu.edu 352 Hodges Hall
Kim Breaux Senior Instructor 225-578-6625 kazena1@lsu.edu 457 Hodges Hall
Nohora Byrd Senior Instructor 225-578-5177 nbyrd@lsu.edu 355 Hodges Hall
Rebecca Carrero Figueroa Instructor 225-578-2636 rcarrero1@lsu.edu 357 Hodges Hall
Elena Castro Professor 225-578-5178 ecastro@lsu.edu 322 Hodges Hall
Stephanie Colin Instructor 225-578-6625 scolin3@lsu.edu  457 Hodges Hall 
Juan Colomina Alminana Instructor 225-578-5175 jcolom3@lsu.edu  309 Hodges Hall
Chara-Sy Copeland Instructor 225-578-1879 ccopel10@lsu.edu  153A Prescott Hall
Alejandro Cortazar Associate Professor 225-578-5169 acorta1@lsu.edu 310 Hodges Hall
David Dulceany Instructor 225-571-6636 rdulce1@lsu.edu  340 Hodges Hall
Christian Fernandez Associate Professor 225-578-5176 cferna2@lsu.edu 346 Hodges Hall
Matthew Freeman Instructor 225-578-6679 mfree33@lsu.edu 349 Hodges Hall 
Maria Garcia Instructor  225-578-0472 mgarc43@lsu.edu 451 Hodges Hall 
Dorota Heneghan Associate Professor 225-578-5171 dheneg1@lsu.edu 320 Hodges Hall
Jeremy King Associate Professor 225-578-6648 jking@lsu.edu 341 Hodges Hall
Sheldon Lotten Senior Instructor 225-578-5168 slotte1@lsu.edu 350 Hodges Hall
Nicolette Lopez Instructor 225-578-5177 nlopez10@lsu.edu   355 Hodges Hall
Nelson Martinez Instructor 225-578-7066 nmarti2@lsu.edu 351 Hodges Hall
Laura Martins Associate Professor 225-578-5173 martins@lsu.edu 303 Hodges Hall
Carmela Mattza Associate Professor 225-578-6638 cmattza@lsu.edu 308 Hodges Hall
Isabel Matus Senior Instructor 225-578-7425 imatus1@lsu.edu 452 Hodges Hall
Andrea Morris Associate Professor 225-578-7424 aemorris@lsu.edu 301C Hodges Hall
Rafael Orozco Professor 225-578-5179 rorozc1@lsu.edu 315 Hodges Hall
Jason Priddle Instructor 225-578-7398 jpridd1@lsu.edu  343 Hodges Hall
Gabriel Rico Instructor 225-578-3033 grico1@lsu.edu 455 Hodges Hall
Jose Rojas Instructor 225-309-5175 jrojas4@lsu.edu  153A Prescott Hall
Claudia Sanford Instructor 225-578-2636  csanfo10@lsu.edu  357 Hodges Hall 
Sarah Sullivan Senior Instructor 225-578-7425 sward3@lsu.edu 452 Hodges Hall
Cora van Zyl Instructor 225-578-5168 cbauza@lsu.edu 350 Hodges Hall
Allison White Instructor 225-578-6679  awhite13@lsu.edu  349 Hodges Hall