Federal Loan Disbursement Dates

Disbursement occurs when funds are paid to LSU from the Department of Education.

Academic Level Semester 2018-2019
Law Student Summer 06/01/2018
Law Student Fall (students not enrolled summer) 08/03/2018
Law Student Fall (students enrolled summer) 08/09/2018
Law Student Spring 01/07/2019
Veterinary Medicine Student Summer 05/25/2018
Veterinary Medicine Student Fall 08/03/2018
Veterinary Medicine Student Spring 01/03/2019
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Summer 05/25/2018
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Fall 08/10/2018
Undergraduate or Graduate Student Spring 01/04/2019
LSU Online Student Second Summer 07/02/2018
LSU Online Student First Fall 08/27/2018
LSU Online Student Second Fall 10/22/2018
LSU Online Student First Spring 01/14/2019
LSU Online Student Second Spring 03/11/2019
LSU Online Student First Summer 05/06/2019