You will receive notification through your myLSU account if your application has been selected for verification. Please do not submit any documents unless it has been requested of you. Verification is a review process by the Federal Government to check the accuracy of information reported on the FAFSA.

        2020-21 Verification Forms

2019-20 Verification Forms

Verification FAQ

How to Submit Verification

Verification documents can be submitted through any of the methods below. Students are required to write their LSU ID number (begins with 89) or social security number on the top of every sheet submitted, not just the first sheet.

Email securely through a FilesToGeaux link

  1. Log in to myLSU. Only students have access to myLSU.
  2. Select "Computing Services" in the left menu, then select "FilesToGeaux."
  3. Select "Choose File"
  4. Select the document you would like to send to our office. Once the document is successfully uploaded, you will see the file name next to "Choose File."
  5. Select the checkbox next to "must authenticate to download." This ensures that only an LSU employee can open your document
  6. Optional: You may choose to password protect your file. If you do, name the file in File Descriptions (ex. Tax Return Transcript) and set an encryption password.
  7. Select "Upload the File"
  8. Send an email to with the file URL for each document uploaded. If you chose to password protect your file, send the encryption password in a separate email.

Note: You should never send personally identifiable information in the body of an email or as an attachment.