How to Apply

  1. Complete the FAFSA or LOSFA application by July 1 each year
  2. Receive an official award letter from the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA) during late summer after high school graduation

Award Amount & Requirements

Students are notified of their TOPS level in their initial eligibility letter.

Award ACT GPA Fall 2017 Award Spring 2018 Award
TOPS Honors Award 27 3.0 $4,131.49 $4,131.49
TOPS Performance Award 23 3.0 $3,931.49 $3,931.49
TOPS Opportunity Award 20 2.5 $3,731.49 $3,731.49

Award Retention

Students must meet the following requirements each semester to receive payment for TOPS:

  • be enrolled full-time on the 15th day of class each semester
  • earn 24 credit hours each year over the fall, winter session, spring, spring intersession, and summer semesters
  • continuous enrollment through consecutive fall and spring semesters
  • maintain the required GPA for specific TOPS award
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA at the end of each fall, intersession or summer semesters
  • The following GPA’s will be checked at the end of each summer semester:
    • Below 24 hours earned – 2.00 GPA
    • 24 - 48 hours earned – 2.30 GPA
    • 48 or above hours earned – 2.50 GPA
    • Performance or Honors Recipient – 3.00 GPA


A TOPS credit is applied to the fee bill of those who are eligible. Disbursement of TOPS funds takes place mid-semester.

Study Abroad

  • All regular TOPS requirements must be observed for study abroad use
  • Students must be enrolled for full time hours; if host institution is on quarter system then the student must make sure hours earned transfer into full time LSU hours
  • If the student returns with fewer hours than expected, the student will be responsible for repaying the TOPS funds that were awarded to them
  • Students should complete an enrollment verification form after the 14th day of class and return to Financial Aid & Scholarships to verify TOPS eligibility
  • Student must submit their transcript to LSU by appropriate deadline or TOPS will be returned and the current anticipated credits will be cancelled.
    • Fall Deadline: April 1
    • Spring, Summer, and Yearlong Program Deadline: November 1
  • Student participating in a study abroad program through another Louisiana university should notify Financial Aid & Scholarships; TOPS will be disbursed from the host institution

Special Notes about TOPS

  • TOPS can only be used within one year of high school graduation
  • Remaining semesters of TOPS eligibility can be used for graduate school if used within one year
  • Students can apply to have their circumstances considered for failure to achieve the required hours earned or to maintain full-time continuous enrollment by contacting LOSFA at 1-800-259-5626 ext. 1012 or