ChE Events

Fall Seminar Series

All ChE Seminars will be held in Patrick Taylor Hall 1200 at 2 PM, unless otherwise noted.*


October 2023


Friday, October 13

ChE Seminar: Prof. Ronald Larson, University of Michigan 

Hosted by Dr. Bharti

Friday, October 20 

ChE Seminar: Prof. Eranda Nikolla, University of Michigan

Hosted by Dr. Ding

Friday, October 27

ChE Seminar: Prof. Tim Long, Arizona State University

Hosted by Dr. Lawrence

November 2023


Friday, November 3 

ChE Seminar: Prof. Harold Kung, Northwestern University

Hosted by Dr. Spivey

Friday, November 17 

ChE Seminar: Prof. Fanxing Li, North Carolina State University

Hosted by Dr. Spivey


December 2023


Friday, December 1 

ChE Seminar: Prof. Jeetain Mittal, Texas A&M University

Hosted by Dr. An