Geology & Geophysics Lecture Series

Special lectures are hosted by the department to help expand student's access to a wide range of topics and distinguished academics. Financial support for the lecture series is provided by the LJ Wilbert Endowment, Grover E. Murray Educational Fund, and the Marathon Oil Distinguished Speaker Series Fund.

All lectures will take place on Fridays at 3:30 p.m. in E137 Howe-Russell-Kniffen unless otherwise noted. Coffee and cookies are served before lectures at 3:15 in the Clarence Cazalot Marathon Oil Atrium.

Fall 2021 Schedule

Date Lecture Topic Speaker Faculty Host
Aug. 27 "Monsoons, Empires and the History of Civilizations in Asia" Peter Clift
Sept. 3 "From Present to the Archean: Insight from Self-consistent Geodynamic Models" Gabriele Morra
Peter Clift
Sept. 10 "From macro-scale plateau uplift to molecular isotopic effects: data-driven integration of multiple disciplines in geoscience" Guangsheng Zhuang
Peter Clift
Sept. 17 “Code Red Louisiana: Climate Change - Air, Water, Land, and Health” LTG Russel Honore'
US Army
Carol Wilson
Sept. 24 "Earthquake Ground-Motion Predictions and Hazard Studies from Southern California to Myanmar" Patricia Persaud
Peter Clift
Oct. 1 "Geothermal Energy Now: Opportunities in grid power, direct heat, and energy storage" John Holbrook
Peter Clift
Oct. 8 "Wetland doomsday story" Torbjorn Tornqvist
Carol Wilson / Sam Bentley
Oct. 15 "Un-subducting lost tectonic plates in Earth’s mantle to rewind Deep Time" Jonny Wu
Jon Snow
Oct. 29 "Planet of the Apes: Reconstructing the Miocene paleoenvironments in which our earliest primate ancestors evolved from the Turkana Basin, Kenya" Catherine Beck
Hamilton University
Adam Forte / Dominique Garello
Nov. 5 "The impact of grain size on the hydromechanical behavior of mudstones" Julia Reece
Peter Clift
Nov. 12 "Mechanics of low-angle normal faults: Ways to skin (or just shave?) a cat" Gary Axen
Amy Luther
Nov. 19 "Establishing the budgets of life-essential volatile elements on Earth and other rocky bodies" Rajdeep Dasgupta
Jon Snow
Dec. 3 TBD Ann Dunlea
Carol Wilson