Geology & Geophysics Lecture Series

Special lectures are hosted by the department to help expand student's access to a wide range of topics and distinguished academics. Financial support for the lecture series is provided by the LJ Wilbert Endowment, Grover E. Murray Educational Fund, and the Marathon Oil Distinguished Speaker Series Fund.

All lectures will take place on Fridays at 3:30pm in E137 Howe-Russell-Kniffen unless otherwise noted. Coffee and cookies are served before lectures at 3:20 in the Clarence Cazalot Marathon Oil Atrium.


Sep. 1 "A Lacustrine Record of Indian Summer Monsoon Variability and Links to Human Activity from Yunnan, China" Aubrey Hillman
University of Louisiana Lafayette
Patricia Persaud
Sep. 8 "A Silver Lining of Heavy Smogs" Huiming Bao
Guangsheng Zhuang
Sep. 15 "Shallow Seismology in a Post-Katrina World" Juan Lorenzo
Huiming Bao / Guangsheng Zhuang
Sep. 22 "GICE GICE baby - but was there Ice?" Achim Herrmann
Huiming Bao / Guangsheng Zhuang
Sep. 29 "Seismology in Alaska: Earthquakes, Bears, and High-Performance Computing" Carl Tape
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Patricia Persaud
Oct. 6 "Perchlorate from Atmosphere to Aquifer: Quadruple Isotope Tracing and Forensic Applications" Neil Sturchio
University of Delaware
Huiming Bao / Peter Doran
Oct. 13 "Can Continental Margin Sediments be Globally Correlated during Large Amplitude,
Glacio-Eustatic Fluctuations?"
Cecilia McHugh
Queens College
Peter Clift
Nov. 10 "Dissolved Rare Earth Elements and Barium in the Ocean: New Insights from GEOTRACES and Beyond"  Alan Shiller
University of Southern Mississippi
Huiming Bao
Nov. 17 "Water Resource Stewardship in the U.S. National Park Service" Forrest "Ed" Harvey
Water Resources Division
Carol Wicks



Jan. 19 "Geochemical Constraints on Duration of Weathering for Precambrian Paleosols" Steven Driese
Baylor University
Huiming Bao
Feb. 2 "Besides Thermodynamics, What Other Factors are Controlling Mineralization and Weathering at Near-Surface Conditions?" Henry Teng
George Washington University 
 Jianwei Wang
Feb. 9 "The Hydrothermal Dynamics of Yellowstone Lake" Rob Sohn
 Karen Luttrell
Feb. 16 "Warm Water Upwelling in the Cenozoic Era" Yige Zhang
Texas A&M University
Guangsheng Zhuang  / Yongbo Peng
Feb. 23 "Fluvial Depositional Systems: A Basin-Scale Approach to Predicting the Distribution of Fluvial Deposits" Adrian Hartley
University of Houston
Peter Clift
Mar. 2 "Shear Heating Controls Mineralogy, Seismicity, and Convection in Subduction Zones" Matt Kohn
Boise State University
Barb Dutrow
Mar. 9 "Leaf Waxes as Paleoclimate Proxies: The Continuing Evolution of Stable Isotope-based Methods to Reconstruct Past Terrestrial Environments" Brett Tipple
 Guangsheng Zhuang
Mar. 16 "The Null Hypothesis: Globally Constant Rates of Erosion and Weathering During the Last 10 Million Years" Jane Willenbring
Peter Clift
Mar. 23 "Early Primate Evolution, Greenhouse Gases, and Asian Paleogeography: A Paleogene Story" Alexia Licht
University of Washington
 Peter Clift
Apr. 6 "Using Diffusion in Tektites to Investigate Impact Plume Dynamics" Catherine Macris
Indiana University - Indianapolis
Barb Dutrow
Apr. 13 "Life and Death by Impact: Drilling for Clues" Sean Gulick
University of Texas - Austin
Suniti Karunatillake
Apr. 23 "Feared and Actual Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer in Northwest Louisiana" Douglas Carlson
Louisiana Geological Survey
Carol Wicks
Apr. 27  "Initiation and Long-term Instability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet" Amelia Shevenell
University of South Florida
Sophie Warny