Frequently Asked Questions

Does the application deadline include receiving ALL of the documents by the deadline?

Yes. The application process is considered competitive. The Admissions Committee meets after the deadline to review applications so in order for you to be considered for the first round of admission, which includes funding offers, your application and all documents required must be received by the deadline.

What happens if my application is not complete when the Admissions Committee meets for the initial review?

Your application will not be considered during the initial review. This means that most of the better funding offers could go to other students. If your application is completed by the time the Admissions Committee meets again, it will be considered; however, you will only be considered for any funding options that are left at that point.

Why do I need to contact a faculty member and what do I do if I'm successful?

In order for our Admissions Committee to make better decisions on applications, it is very useful to know if a faculty member will be willing to work with you through your program. If a faculty member agrees to be your advisor if you are admitted, please inform the Graduate Coordinator of this information and they will make sure that the Admissions Committee is aware during the decision making process. 

Can I just let my recommenders mail the letters to the department?

No. It is strongly discouraged. Please use the online application system to request letters of recommendation. The system allows you to enter the email addresses of your recommenders and it will send a request for them to submit their letters online directly. We highly advise using this system because as soon as the recommender uploads the letter we have immediate access to it. Also, the mailing system can (and usually does) cause delays in the completed application due to the non-receipt of the documents.

Should I send any admission documents to the Department of Geology & Geophysics?

No. All documents should be sent to:

The Graduate School
Admissions Office
114 West David Boyd Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Do I have to reapply with another online application for the following semester?

No. If you would like to defer your application and it has not been a year since you last applied, you can send an email to the Graduate Services Assistant Director over the College of Science and ask to have your application deferred to the following Fall or Spring semester.