GeauxTeach Student Organization (GTSO) Officers


Headshot of Alec Sheehy

Alec Sheehy

Alec is a junior majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Chemistry with an expected graduation date of May 2024.

He joined GeauxTeach STEM to explore his interest in educating the future leaders of the world and to develop professional and practical skills that can support his post-graduation career no matter what he does.

Alec loves learning about how the world works and, with the inspiration and motivation from his current and former educators, he hopes to peak others’ curiosities about the world through science.



Public Relations

Headshot of Mimi Bestman-Krakrafaa


Owanaemi "Mimi" Bestman-Krakrafaa

Owanaemi is a sophomore majoring in Biological Science with a concentration of secondary education. Her expected graduation date is May 2025.

Owanaemi joined GeauxTeach STEM just to see if it was something she can really see herself doing in the future, she already had experience in teaching since she taught as an assistant Sunday school teacher for kindergarteners. However, the idea of becoming an educator never crossed her mind. Since joining GeauxTeach STEM, she has fallen in love with the community and the field experiences that come with the program.

GeauxTeach has positively impacted her experience at LSU and has strengthened her professional and communication skills. She is looking forward to graduating from this program with the same people she started with and becoming an educator.




Headshot of Erica Clement

Erica Clement

A sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education, Erica joined GeauxTeach STEM because she wanted to be more involved in areas that were of interest to her. These interests will also open multiple doors for her upon graduation in Spring of 2025.

The teachers that Erica had in high school are what made her want to earn a degree in Mathematics. Like them, she wants to make math exciting and engaging to students, even though she knows the struggles that come with it. Erica takes great pride in helping others, and will strive to continue this mission throughout her teaching career.

Aside from GeauxTeach, Erica is in the Animal Care for a Cause club here at LSU and enjoys cooking.


Vice President

Headshot of Maia Jackson

Maia Jackson

Maia is a junior with a graduation date of May 2024 majoring in Biological Sciences.

She joined GeauxTeach STEM due to the options that would be available to her upon graduation. In addition, Maia enjoys the ability to develop her communication skills that will carry over into her future career in genetics and public health.

Maia’s involvement in GeauxTeach has impacted much of her experience at LSU by providing a strong community and developing leadership skills that have resulted in her personal growth. 



Headshot of Ravyn Johnlouis

Ravyn Johnlouis

Ravyn is a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a graduation date of May 2025.

She joined GeauxTeach STEM to  connect with people who shared similar interests and to learn more about being the best educator she can be for all students. Ravyn’s involvement in GeauxTeach has strengthened her communication skills and reignited her passion for equality in the education system.