The Office of Research & Economic Development, Campus Federal Credit Union, and the Council on Research have established the Rainmaker Awards, given each year to faculty who show outstanding research, scholarship, and creative activity for their respective ranks and discipline. The awards recognize both sustained and continuing work, as well as the impact that work has had on the faculty members, their department, and their academic community. The following list are the faculty who have been awarded the Rainmakers distinction. 


2023 Rainmakers    
Don Zhang Psychology Emerging Scholar
Christine Lattin Biological Sciences Emerging Scholar
Kathleen Searles Political Science Mid-Career Scholar
Catherine Deibel Physics & Astronomy Mid-Career Scholar
Rafael Orozco Linguistics and Spanish Senior Scholar
Michael Malisoff Mathematics Senior Scholar


2022 Rainmakers    
Yu "April" Chen Education  Emerging Scholar
Sungyoung Park School of Leadership & Human Resource Development Mid-Career Scholar
Mark S. Wagner World Languages, Literatures, & Cultures  Senior Scholar
Manos Chatzopoulos Physics & Astronomy Emerging Scholar
Z. George Xue Oceanography & Coast Sciences  Mid-Career Scholar
Shengmin Guo Mechanical & Industrial Senior Scholar


2021 Rainmakers    
Nichole Bauer Political Science and Manship School of Mass Communication Emerging Scholar
Julia Buckner Psychology  Mid-Career Scholar
Margaret-Mary Sulentic Dowell Education  Senior Scholar
David Vinyard Biological Sciences Emerging Scholar
Thomas Corbitt Physics & Astronomy Mid-Career Scholar
Robert Twilley Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Senior Scholar


2020 Rainmakers    
Nathan Kalmoe Mass Communication Emerging Scholar
Benjamin Kahan English Mid-Career Scholar
Craig Colten Geography & Anthropology Senior Scholar
Christopher Arges Chemical Engineering Emerging Scholar
Maheshi Dassanayake Biological Sciences Mid-Career Scholar
Rongying Jin Physics & Astronomy Senior Scholar 


2019 Rainmakers    
Matthew Valasik Sociology Emerging Scholar 
Raymond Pingree Mass Communication Mid-Career Scholar
Jinx Broussard Mass Communication Senior Scholar
Weiwei Xie Biological Science Emerging Scholar
Michael Brylinski Biological Science Mid-Career Scholar
Samithamby "Jey" Jeyaseelan Pathobiological Sciences Senior Scholar


2018 Rainmakers    
Kathleen Searles Mass Communication Emerging Scholar
Susan Weinstein English Mid-Career Scholar
Katherine Kemler Music Senior Scholar
Michael Polito Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Emerging Scholar
Mark Wilde Physics & Astronomy Mid-Career Scholar
George Stanley   Chemistry Senior Scholar


2017 Rainmakers    
Chris Barrett English Emerging Scholar
Brannon Costello English Mid-Career Scholar
Barry Keim Geography & Anthropology Senior Scholar
Morgan Kelly Biological Sciences Emerging Scholar
Karen Maruska Biological Sciences Mid-Career Scholar
Anne Grove Biological Sciences  Senior Scholar


2016 Rainmakers    
Benjamin Kahan English Emerging Scholar
Lance Porter Mass Communication Mid-Career Scholar
Femi Euba Theatre/English Senior Scholar
Rendy Kartika Chemistry Emerging Scholar
Donghui Zhang Chemistry Mid-Career Scholar
Kermit Murray Chemistry Senior Scholar


2015 Rainmakers    
Jesse Allison Music Emerging Scholar
Alex Cohen Psychology Mid-Career Scholar
Fahui Wang Geography & Anthropology Senior Scholar
Catherine Deibel Physics & Astronomy Emerging Scholar
Prosanta Chakrabarty Biological Sciences Mid-Career Scholar
Marcia Newcomer Biological Sciences Senior Scholar 


2014 Rainmakers    
Megan Papesh Psychology Emerging Scholar
James Fannin Ag Econ & AgriBusiness Mid-Career Scholar
Edward Shihadeh Sociology Senior Scholar
Francisco Hung Chemical Engineering Emerging Scholar
Parampreet Singh Physics & Astronomy Mid-Career Scholar
James Moroney Biological Sciences Senior Scholar


2013 Rainmakers     
Michael Pasquier Philosophy & Religious Studies Emerging Scholar
Brian Shaw Music Emerging Scholar
Hongchao Zhang Mathematics Emerging Scholar
Troy Blanchard Sociology Mid-Career Scholar
Michael Malisoff Mathematics Mid-Career Scholar
Sharon Weltman  English Senior Scholar


2012 Rainmakers     
Julia Buckner Psychology  Emerging Scholar
Ashok Mishra Agricultural Economic & Decision Sciences Mid-Career Scholar
Rudolf Hirschheim  Information Systems & Decision Sciences Senior Scholar
Prosanta Chakrabarty Biological Sciences Emerging Scholar
Rongying Jin Physics Mid-Career Scholar
Kam-biu Liu Oceanography & Coastal Sciences Senior Scholar 


2011 Rainmakers    
Timothy Slack Sociology Emerging Scholar
Ying "Jane" Wang Mechanical Engineering Emerging Scholar
Milen Yakimov Mathematics Mid-Career Scholar
James Honeycutt Communication Studies Senior Scholar
Jacqueline Stephens Biological Sciences Senior Scholar


2010 Rainmakers    
Graham Bodie Communication Studies Emerging Scholar
Bryan Carstens Biological Sciences Emerging Scholar
Bijaya Karki Computer Science  Mid-Career Scholar
Kalliat Valsaraj Chemical Engineering Senior Scholar