CITI Export Control Training Guide

Instructions for accessing and registering for IRB Training through the CITI program.

  1. Go to
  2. Select New User – Register Here
  3. Under 1: Select your institution or organization, go to Participating Institutions and scroll to Louisiana State University
  4. Under 2: Select your name and password, do so and verify password
  5. Under 3: Enter your Name, input your first and last names
  6. Under 4: Enter your email address, input your LSU email address
  7. Submit form
  8. On the next page you are required to fill out your Language Preference, your Institutional Email Address, your Department (students should put in department of the grant), and your Role in Research.
  9. Submit this form, and the next page that will appear is the menu to choose your course.  One question will be “Please make your selection below to receive the CITI US Export Control Regulations course”.  Click CITI Export Controls.
  10. You will then be brought to the main menu for the training program. There is a link to View Louisiana State University Instructions Page. Go to this link and read closely the instructions for completing the courses and getting your certificate of completion.
  11. When you are done with the institution specific instructions, you can close that window and go to My Courses on the Main Menu page and begin the program.
  12. Users can log on and off at any time and normally will take a few sessions to complete the training program (roughly 3-4 hours). Upon satisfactory completion of the program, a copy of the completion certificate can be printed out for your files.