Trainee Handbook

Medical & Health Physics

Trainee Handbook

The LSU program provides its trainees with a handbook of information of relevance to the MS, PhD, and Post-Doctoral Certificate Programs. A copy of the trainee handbook is available here (some sections have been redacted (the directories of faculty, staff, and students).  This may be of interest to prospective students. Those currently in the program may request a complete version (replacement copy) by contacting the program office.

Also, in 2021 there is an supplemental appendix containing electronically fillable forms (as of 2021 we are paperless).  Enrolled students should use the forms in the supplement and not the ones in the original version of handbook. The current forms are listed in this page. 

Trainee Handbook

Graduate School Required Forms:

(Please go to graduate school to download the updated forms)

  • Graduate school Verification Concentration form
  • Graduate school Request for Masters Defense form
  • Graduate school Master’s Application for Degree Diploma form
  • Graduate school Doctoral General Defense Request form
  • Graduate school Request for Final Doctoral Defense form
  • Graduate school Doctoral Application for Degree Diploma form

Program Supplemental Forms: