Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Any faculty/staff (LSU Benefits eligible) who bring a vehicle to campus must register for a permit and provide valid vehicle information that will include make, model, color, license plate number, and state. Employee permits will be payroll deducted over 9 months (Sept-May) and will be pre-taxed. Permits are required at all hours on weekdays, day and night to promote campus safety. Faculty and Staff are required to keep accurate and updated license plate information at all times.

PURCHASE A PERMIT permit LOT access map

24-25 Faculty/Staff Parking Permits Prorated Fee Schedule:

Month Faculty/Staff D Faculty/Staff C Faculty/Staff B Faculty/Staff A Faculty/Staff Union Garage UOB Permit (Multi-Access) Faculty/Staff Motorcycle Faculty/Staff Park & Geaux Faculty/Staff Daily Affiliate
$1,100 $550 $275 $66 $700 $700 $45 $50 $5
August $1,100 $550 $275 $66 $700 $700 $45 $50 $5
September $1,100 $550 $275 $66 $700 $700 $45 $50 $5
October $1,009 $505 $253 $60 $642 $642 $45 $48 $5
November $918 $460 $231 $54 $584 $584 $45 $46 $5
December $827 $415 $209 $48 $526 $526 $45 $44 $5
January $736 $370 $187 $42 $468 $468 $45 $42 $5
February $645 $325 $165 $36 $410 $410 $45 $40 $5
March $554 $280 $143 $30 $352 $352 $45 $38 $5
April $463 $235 $121 $24 $294 $294 $45 $36 $5
May $372 $190 $99 $18 $236 $236 $45 $34 $5
June $281 $145 $77 $12 $178 $178 $45 $32 $5

Note: Faculty/Staff who permanently separate from the university should return their permit and gate access device to the main office in Audubon Sugar Building to avoid fees.

Permit Description
Employee D This plan is for individuals who have a single reserved space within a reserved lot, with a sign issued by our office with the individuals permit number on the sign. Request for this permit MUST be approved by the Parking office.
Employee C
This plan provides guaranteed reserved parking in a specific lot. These areas are primarily in gated lots but not exclusively. Assignment to C parking lots is on a first-come, first-served basis from a waitlist. There are no exceptions to the waitlist. To add yourself to the waitlist, please visit the Parking Portal. Faculty/Staff employees will be limited to three total waitlist requests. C plan permit holders may park in A/Commuter, B, and X lots in student zones. 
Note: The C permit waitlist is now open. If you have any questions regarding the waitlist process, please contact our office at 225-578-5000.
Employee B This plan allows for unreserved spaces in the center of campus. These areas are along the streets and in specific lots. B plan permit holders may park in A/Commuter and X lots within the student zones.
Employee A This parking plan is limited to X lots. The A plan does not allow driving on restricted streets between 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. A plan permit holders may park in X lots within student zones.
Employee Garage This plan is for individuals who wish to have access to the reserved parking lot on the first floor of the Union Square Parking Garage. 
Park & Geaux  This plan is for individuals who would like an affordable parking option and still have access to campus.  The Park & Geaux program will allow permit holders to park in a remote lot on Skip Bertman Drive and utilize the transit service to access the interior of campus via a Tiger Trails shuttle every 15 minutes, Monday through Friday, 6 am. to 6 pm.

*NEW FOR 24-25 YEAR: All motorcycle permits will be issued as digital e-permits.

*Motorcycle e-permits are available to employees who drive a motorcycle or moped to campus. The motorcycle permit is not eligible for a pro-rated rate. 

Employees must visit our main office to obtain the motorcycle permit.