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Scholarships & Air Force Pay


AFROTC offers scholarships for cadets participating in AFROTC. More information on AFROTC scholarships and to apply for AFROTC scholarships can be found at

  • All scholarships include $600 annual book allowance
  • All scholarships include a monthly stipend of $300-$500
    • Breakdown by AS Year: $300-AS100, $350-AS200, $450-AS300, $500-AS400
  • All academic majors are eligible to compete

There are three categories of scholarships:

  • High School Scholarships
    The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) requires a 26 ACT/1180 Math and Reading SAT score, 3.0 GPA, and attempt an official Air Force Fitness test.  This test includes a 1.5 mile run and one minute each of push-ups and sit-ups.  You may find the most current standards in AFI 36-2905. The regional Gold Bar Recruiter is specifically tasked to assist with HSSPs.  The phone number is 520-861-2994.  Or visit
  • Enlisted Scholarships
    A variety of scholarships are available to enlisted members.  Note: these programs typically apply to Active Duty personnel only. The programs are ASCP, SOAR, and POC-ERP.  Please review these programs on
  • In College Scholarships
    The In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) is open to AFROTC program college freshmen and sophomores; eligible applicants are nominated for ICSP scholarships by their school's AFROTC detachment commander. Nominees are rank-ordered based on their leadership ability, grades, fitness and overall participation in the AFROTC program. HQ AFROTC makes the final decision and awards scholarships. The nomination deadlines are established by HQ AFROTC.

Cadet Activities

In addition to AFROTC duties, cadets can take on a variety of military extra-curricular activities to further expand their development as future officers.

  • Cadet Organizations:  See our page on our historical cadet organizations.
  • Civil Air Patrol Flights: These flights give cadets a chance to experience the thrill of aviation in light aircraft.

Active Duty

Service and Obligation

After earning a degree and completing all AFROTC requirements, cadets are commissioned into the United States Air Force as Second Lieutenants. The total military service obligation is 8 years - all graduates are called to active duty for 4 years and are subject to recall for an additional 4 years as inactive reservists. Officers who attend additional training, including pilot training, incur additional commitments.  Initially enrolling in an AFROTC class carries NO SERVICE COMMITMENT for the first two years.  Scholarship recipients and Field Training graduates sign a contract to commission upon graduation.

Pay and Benefits

While many of your peers may struggle to find jobs after college, graduates of AFROTC begin their Air Force careers in vital leadership roles.  Rewards and benefits include:

  • A military commission as a Second Lieutenant (requires college degree and completion of AFROTC requirements)
  • Appointment by the President of the United States
  • Extensive travel opportunities 
  • Tax-free Housing and Subsistence allowance each month in addition to base pay
  • 30 days of paid vacation plus government holidays

    Military Pay Chart