Photo Gallery

Cadets at Mike the Tiger

Cadets practicing knowledge at Mike the Tiger's Cage

Cadets in service dress

Senior cadets at LSU Corps of Cadets Military Ball

Cadets After PT

The Cadet Wing after Physical Training


Cadets at the Field Leadership Exercise (FLX)


FLX Skills practice

Cadets practicing Field Leadership Exercise skills


Cadets Marching

Cadets practicing marching and drill


Cadets in front of C-130

Cadets at a visit to Keesler AFB 

Cadets at Leadership Lab

Cadets performing a Group Leadership Exercise

Cadets visiting Mike the Tiger

The Cadet Wing visiting Mike the Tiger

Cadets at the UREC

Cadets stretching at the UREC before PT

Cadets at Leadership Lab

Briefing by Capt Douglas to the Cadet Wing

Cadets doing PT at the Parade Grounds

Cadets doing bear crawls at the Parade Grounds