Frequently Asked Questions

AFROTC stands for the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps. It is a program that trains college students to become officers/leaders in the Air Force or Space Force while attending college full time.

Normally, undergraduate students must have at least three or more years remaining in their undergraduate studies to participate in Air Force ROTC. If you are a second-semester freshman, a sophomore or otherwise have at least three years remaining in your undergraduate studies, you are likely able to join the ROTC program. 

Physical training usually takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 5:45 am to 7:30 am.

The physical training is designed to help you achieve a fitness level that meets Air Force standards and will mainly consist of calisthenics and running. AFROTC tests the number of push-up and sit-ups you can do in one minute as a gauge of strength, but we perform exercises to strengthen your whole body.

You are required to wear a uniform all day on the days of your AFROTC classes and on Thursdays during Leadership Lab (all cadets to include freshmen). You will also wear PT gear during PT unless otherwise specified by the Detachment Commander or the Operations Flight Commander.

Absolutely! You are a student first and a cadet second, so you can participate in any activity a non-Air Force ROTC student can participate in. In fact, we highly encourage you to do so as that will help you to gain a diverse background. We have cadets who are involved with cheerleading, club sports, fraternities & sororities, Tiger Band, and other clubs and student organizations!

AFROTC offers many scholarship opportunities.  Prospective AFROTC cadets who are in their senior year of high school can apply for a high school scholarship prior to entering college.  Once in college, AFROTC cadets are eligible for an in-college scholarship. This process is competitive at the national level and nominations are handled by your cadre.  

Of course! The majority of our new cadets DO NOT have a scholarship prior to entering the program.

You will attend Field Training for AFROTC cadets for two weeks.  The training is held at Maxwell AFB in Alabama.  That is the only required training you will need - you will not be attending enlisted basic training. 

All cadets must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.  Scholarship cadets must maintain a 2.5 GPA. 

If you are joining Fall Semester as a Freshman, you will sign up for ASST 1001 and ASST 1011.  If you are a Sophomore joining in the Fall, sign up for ASST 1001, ASST 2001, and ASST 2011. 

Joining in the Spring?  Freshmen will sign up for ASST 1002 and ASST 1012 while Sophomores will register for ASST 1002, 2002, and 2012.  

There are a wide variety of career opportunities available to officers in the Air Force or Space Force. Whether you wanted to be a pilot, a space officer, missileer, maintainer, personnelist, doctor or lawyer, the Air Force can be right for you! Visit U.S. Air Force Careers to learn more about what career might be right for you!

As an Air Force Officer or Space Force Officer you will earn pay very comparable to the civilian sector, as well as several other benefits such as educational opportunities, healthcare, housing, travel and use of military facilities just to name a few. Visit U.S. Air Force Pay and Benefits for more information.