Steps to Graduation

The Graduation Process

It generally begins the semester before you intend to graduate, as required forms are due very early the semester you will graduate. Consult the Academic Calendar and the Graduate School Calendar for detailed due dates.  

Students who are not in good academic standing may not take any graduate milestone exams. Milestone exams are defined by the Graduate School as the General Defense, Final Doctoral Defense, Master’s Thesis Defense, and the Master’s Non-Thesis Defense. This rule does not apply to departmental exams unless stipulated by the department.

Note: If you determine, during the course of the semester, that you will not meet the requirements for graduation, you must notify the Grad School immediately by filling out and submitting the appropriate forms. If additional assistance is needed, please email us.

The status of your submitted forms can be found by logging in to MyLSU and selecting “Graduate Milestones” under “Academic Services." A walk-through is available to help you navigate this section.


Students are advised to consult LSU’s Commencement website, which live-streams the ceremony in addition to providing details for all graduation ceremonies.

Graduation Workshop Video 

Please check the Graduate School Calendar for the most up to date deadlines. If you have any question, you can send email

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