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Funding Options for Graduate Students 

LSU offers a variety of funding options for graduate students such as: fellowships, assistantships, and awards. Students seeking funding of any type are encouraged to contact their respective academic department first. More than 2,000 Graduate Assistantships are awarded annually at LSU in over 70 academic departments and administrative units. The Graduate School has adopted a policy that requires all graduate students on NIH funding, and encourages all graduate students, to discuss an Individual Developmental Plan (IDP) with their faculty mentors on an annual basis.

Individual departments offer many of the fellowship programs, including the Board of Regents Fellowship, that require students enrolled full-time unless otherwise specified. The Graduate School offers a competitive Dissertation Fellowship. Graduate students have the option to apply for external fellowships administered by a variety of governmental and disciplinary organizations. The Office of Sponsored Programs offers advice and support in the acquisition and administration of external funding, grant writing reference materials, and sample proposals.  

The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development Program offers funding, research, and professional development opportunities for doctoral candidates in the natural, physical, or behavioral sciences working on biomedical research.

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