Student Organizations

Undergraduate Student Organizations



     The LSU A&M University Student Chapter of AIChE is dedicated to providing its members with experiences beyond the usual classroom education. As a student organization, we help develop leadership skills and give students the chance to improve their teamwork skills. 


LSU Student Government

     Our mission is to advocate tirelessly the interests of LSU students by enhancing the student experience, promoting the image of the university, and supporting student achievement on the campus and in the community. We enhance the student experience by: 

            • hosting engaging programming for students
            • providing funding for students and student organizations
            • advocating for student needs to administrators
            • connecting students with the LSU and Baton Rouge community
            • creating programs and initiatives that improve students' lives
            • teaching student leaders valuable skills through hands-on efforts


Society of Peer MentorsThe Society of Peer Mentors (SPM)

     The Society of Peer Mentors (SPM) is a student organization at LSU that focuses on mentoring and leadership for the College of Engineering. Our goal is to help students transition to LSU and the College through a variety of activities and programs. Activities include K-12 outreach, robotics mentoring, and freshmen mentoring through camps and classes. SPM is open to all students enrolled in a major in the College of Engineering. You must be an undergraduate or graduate student in good standing and have a positive attitude. For more information, visit the SPM website.


Graduate Student Organizations

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA)

     The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA) at LSU is the official organization representing the graduate students of the department. The goal of the ChEGSA is to develop a sense of community and identity among the graduate students within the department, as well as support them and their interests throughout the academic year. The ChEGSA hosts several seminar lectures featuring professors and speakers from universities all over the country, holds a variety of social events each semester, and actively participates in the recruitment of potential incoming students each spring. The ChEGSA strives to foster a positive academic and social environment for all ChE graduate students.

Together we grow and achieve!

For more student organization involvement opportunities outside of the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, please visit LSU's Organizations Directory.