ChE Graduate Student Association

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (ChEGSA) at LSU is the official organization representing the graduate students of the department. The goal of the ChEGSA is to develop a sense of community and identity among the graduate students within the department, as well as support them and their interests throughout the academic year. The ChEGSA hosts several seminar lectures featuring professors and speakers from universities all over the country, holds a variety of social events each semester, and actively participates in the recruitment of potential incoming students each spring. The ChEGSA strives to foster a positive academic and social environment for all ChE graduate students.

Together we grow and achieve!

ChEGSA Officers


Daniel Willis

Vice President

Elizabeth Hurst


Sai Sankar Ganesan


Ben Peterson

Recruitment Chair

Subarna Kole

Professional Development Chair

Saurin Rawal