Bioprocessing Engineering Research

Bioprocessing Engineering Research is the application of engineering principles and design to pharmaceutical processing and food harvesting / processing systems or applications.  At LSU, several of our research labs focus on the following specializations:

  • Aquaculture Engineering
  • Colloidal/Nanoparticle Systems
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Value-added Bioprocessing


Biological Engineering Labs

This group designs solutions for aquacultural and coastal applications. This lab uses engineering approaches to enhance the production, safety and sustainability of fresh and marine aquaculture systems, including the design of recirculating aquacultural systems and the use of automation technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity. Improvements in water quality and maintenance or restoration of healthy environments are significant areas of research.

Colloidal/Nanoparticle Systems 

Bioprocessing & Colloidal Systems Laboratory

The BCS group synthesizes and characterizes nanoparticles and nanocolloidal systems designed for efficient delivery of bioactive components (i.e. vitamins, antioxidants, antifungals, etc.). Controlled-release, safety and bioavailability studies are performed to insure that application-specific (i.e. food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical) criteria for the designed delivery system are met.

Principal Investigators: Cristina Sabliov, Ph. D. and Carlos Astete, Ph.D.

Food Processing Engineering

Determining the bioavailability of the micro or nano-encapsulated omega-3 fatty acids and nano or micro-sized bioactive compounds and their applications on food systems.

Developing biodegradable matrix and colloidal system from seafood and agricultural byproducts.

Designing and developing the unit operation for food processing.

Determining the effect of non-thermal and thermal food processing technologies to prevent and reduce microbial loads in foods and to improve food quality.

Principal Investigator: Subramaniam Sathivel, Ph.D.

Value-Added Bioprocessing 

Designing processing systems for biological materials in value-added applications. Milling of new rice varieties and nutrient (i.e. vitamin E, protein, oil) recovery processing are performed by a pilot-scale mill with individual units for cleaning, shelling, milling and grading rice and equipment for rice bran extrusion, stabilization and oil extraction. Extraction of vitamin E from rice bran and isoflavones from soybeans by batch and continuous microwave extraction is also explored.

Principal Investigators: Dorin Boldor, Ph.D. and Marybeth Lima, Ph.D., P.E.