Nicholas P. Totaro

Nick Totaro headshotInstructor


155 E.B. Doran Building, LSU Baton Rouge, LA 70803-4505

Email Address:

Office Phone:

(225) 578-1083

Teaching Responsibilities

  • BE 1251: Introduction to Engineering Methods (Fall)
  • BE 2350: Experimental Methods for Engineers (Spring)

Current Responsibilities

  • Undergraduate Program Coordinator
  • Pre-healthcare Coach
  • Fast Path Coordinator
  • Economic Development
  • Encounter Engineering in Europe Program Director

Educational Background

  • LSU 2015, MS Biological and Agricultural Engineering
  • LSU 2011, BS Biochemistry

Selected Publications

Upadhyay, Jagannath, Christopher O. Bounds, Nicholas Totaro, Suman Thakuri, Leah Garber, Michael Vincent, Zhaoyang Huang, and John A. Pojman. "Production and analysis of stable microfluidic devices with tunable surface hydrophilicity via the in-situ tertiary-amine catalyzed Michael addition of a multifunctional thiol to a multifunctional acrylate." European Polymer Journal 126 (2020): 109482.

Sandow, C., L. A. Fugler, B. Leise, L. Riggs, W. T. Monroe, N. Totaro, J. Belknap, and S. Eades. "Ex Vivo effects of insulin on the structural integrity of equine digital lamellae." Equine Veterinary Journal (2019).

Thomas‐Porch, C., Li, J., Zanata, F., Martin, E.C., Pashos, N., Genemaras, K., Poche, J.N., Totaro, N.P., Bratton, M.R., Gaupp, D. and Frazier, T. “Comparative Proteomic Analyses of Human Adipose Extracellular Matrices Decellularized Using Alternative Procedures.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A (2018).