Giovanna Aita

Giovanna Aita

Adjunct Associate Professor

Audubon Sugar Institute, 3845 Highway 75 St. Gabriel, LA 70776

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(225) 642-0135



Develop integrated technologies to convert biomass into higher value products including fuels, specialty chemicals, biomaterials and animal feed; use of antimicrobials to inhibit disease-causing microorganisms in foods; identify and characterize antimicrobial resistant bacteria from food products, animal products and farm environments.


Undergraduate and graduate courses in the area of food microbiology, food safety and biomass utilization for the production of biofuels and byproducts.




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*= corresponding author

Book Chapter

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Ph.D. Food Microbiology (2004)
Department of Food Science, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

M.S. Food Microbiology (1998)
Department of Animal and Food Industries, Clemson University, Clemson, SC

B.S. Biology (1995)
Department of Biological Sciences, Clemson University, Clemson, SC



2013-Present - Associate Professor, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
2007- 2013 - Assistant Professor, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
2005- 2007 - Post Doctoral Researcher, Audubon Sugar Institute, LSU AgCenter
2000- 2004 - Research Assistant, Department of Food Science, LSU
1999- 2000 - Food Scientist, Warner-Lambert, Adams Division R&D, New Jersey
1998- 1999 - Microbiologist, Creanova Inc., Biocide Division, New Jersey