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Claudette Reichel headshotDirector, LaHouse Resource Center


LaHouse Resource Center 2858 Gourrier Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70820

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Director, LaHouse Resource Center

Educational Background

Doctorate of Education - Extension Education, Housing technical focus, Louisiana State University - 1987

Master of Science - Family Housing, Florida State University - 1980

Bachelor of Science - Home Economics Education, University of Southwestern Louisiana Highest Distinction Graduate - 1977

Selected Publications

Reichel, Claudette H. Resilient Housing Lessons from Katrina chapter in Mathew Pelz (Ed.) Protecting Historic Coastal Cities: Case Studies in Resilience, August 2019, TAMU Press.

Reichel, Claudette H. Storm Damage Cleanup Highlights, August 2016, LSU AgCenter Publication.

Reichel, Claudette H. Rebuild Healthy Homes: Guide to Post-disaster Restoration for a Safe and Healthy Home, 72-page manual. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes, May 2015.

Reichel, Claudette H. Solar Power for Your Home: A Consumer’s Guide, 20-page booklet. March 2015, LSU AgCenter Publication No. 3366.

Reichel, Claudette H.  Improve Your Home and Prosper: Include energy-saving, hazard-hardy upgrades. 2011 major revision, LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2868

Glass, Sam, Charles G. Caril and Claudette Hanks Reichel. Insulating Raised Floors in Hot, Humid Climates: Research Findings on Moisture Management. 2011, LSU AgCenter Publication No. 318

Reichel, Claudette H. Cleaning Flood-damaged Homes. 2010 rev., LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2267 

Reichel, Claudette H.  Be Aware of Your Indoor Air (PDF format only). 2010 revision, LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2579 

Reichel, Claudette H., Picou, Stephen. Federal & Louisiana Energy Tax Credits for 2009 and 2010. 2010, LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2957. 

Reichel, Claudette H.  Window Flashing Steps, illustrated fact sheet and poster. Jan., 2010. 

Reichel, Claudette H.  LaHouse: Flood, Wind and Water-Resistant Features, Oct., 2010 major revision. LSU AgCenter Publication No. 3170

Reichel, Claudette H. Building Your High-Performance Home: Gulf Region Homeowners Guide, 87-page manual, 2008 major revision. LSU AgCenter Publication No. 3049

Reichel, Claudette.  Mold Removal Guidelines for Your Flooded Home, 2006 and revised 2017. LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2949.

LSU AgCenter (11 authors). Storm Recovery Guide, 32-page manual, 2006. LSU AgCenter Publication No. 2668.

Also served on the Home Energy eXtension website national leadership team, New Construction focus. Contributed more than 50 articles, reviewed articles and answered many FAQ’s.