Waste Chemicals in the Original Container

    These are items in your inventory that have a barcode but that you no longer require.

    1. Select "Waste." This will take you to a listing of all waste containers currently in your inventory.
    2. Click the "+Add a Waste Request" button, upper left.
    3. Scroll down to Container Contents/Chemical Description.
    4. Select "Search."
    5. Select "Browse PI Inventory."
    6. Scroll until you find the container you want to get rid of and click on "Select."
    7. A pop-up will appear asking whether you want to apply container details, click "Yes."
    8. Complete any required fields in the request. Most of these will auto-populate based on your selection.
    9. If you have more items to dispose of, click "Add Container."
    10. Perform steps 3 through 9 until you have selected all the items you want to remove.
    11. Click “Save”. You will be returned to the listing of waste containers with the new container at the top of the list.
    12. Select "Request Waste Pickup." There is no need to print or attach a new label.
    13. A confirmation pop-up will appear; click "yes."
    14. You will receive a confirmation E-mail and and the EH&S Hazardous Waste staff will be notified of your pickup request.