Lab Created Materials

    Create Waste Containers

    On the EHSA Home Page, Select "Waste" (This will take you to a listing of all waste containers currently in your inventory.)

    1. Click the “+Add a Waste Request” button, upper left.
    2. Complete required fields for the container.
      1. Waste Type: select "Chemicals-Used"
      2. Hazards: click in the box and select all that apply from the drop-down menu
      3. Entry Type: from drop-down, enter the relative amounts of contents by either % or volume
      4. Accumulating: select "Yes/No"
      5. Container Type, Physical Type, & Unit of Measure: select from drop-down menus
      6. Container Size: enter a number corresponding to the unit of measure
      7. Location of Waste: use if necessary to describe where the waste is located within or around the lab. This is not the building and/or room number; these will be recorded automatically.
    3. Under Container Contents: for the 1st chemical, type in the 1st four letters of the chemical and click “Search”. This will take you to a list of chemicals. Find the one you want, and click “Select”.
    4. Repeat step 3 as necessary to add additional chemicals. (Note: you may have to adjust volume or percentage entries.)
    5. When you have added all chemicals, scroll down and click on "Save". This will return you to the listing of waste containers with the newly created one at the top of the list.
    6. Click the  "Waste Request Reports" button at the top of the page. Select the proper size and start with the first chemical.
    7. Print the label that is generated and attach it to the container.
    8. Collect the waste. There are blank lines on the label that may be used to write/record additional chemicals.