Biological Waste

    This is for Bio-Boxes and Infectious Sharps.

    1. Select the "Waste" icon. This will take you to a listing of all waste containers currently in your inventory.Main Page for Hazardous Waste
    2. Click the “+Add a Waste Request” button, upper left.add waste request
    3. Check PI and Room information Complete required fields:  For Waste Type: select "Biological"
      For Container Type: select from drop-down menu (either bio-box or sharps container}
      Location of Waste: use if necessary to describe where the waste is located within or around the lab. This is not the building and/or room number; these will be recorded automatically.
      Fill out the container Information.  Assume that the weight of each bio-box is 35 pounds.Biowaste Fields
    4. Type Biohazard into the search box and click on the finger. Bio Waste Information
    5. When you are done scroll down and click on "Save".Save and Search
    6. This will return you to the listing of waste containers with the newly created one at the top of the waste listing
    7. You will receive a conformation E-Mail and the EHS Hazardous Waste Staff will schedule a pick-up.  Bio-boxes do not need to be labeled.