Faculty & Staff


Name and Title Contact Information

Laura AinsworthLaura Ainsworth
Child & Family Studies Program Director 
CFS Graduate Coordinator

Office: 312 Hatcher Hall
Phone: 225-578-3017
E-mail: lainsworth@lsu.edu 

Priscilla AllenPriscilla Allen
Louisiana Nursing Home Association Sister Michael Sibille Professor in Aging and Geriatrics
Associate Executive Director, Life Course & Aging Center


Office: 2159 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1325
E-mail: pallen2@lsu.edu

Jahanna headshotJahanna Bailey
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
BSW Program Director

Office: 2147 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1108
E-mail: jahannabailey@lsu.edu

Borgmeyer headshot  Ashleigh Borgmeyer
  Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 325 Peabody Hall
Phone: 225-578-2449
E-mail: aborgm1@lsu.edu


Photo of James CanfieldJames Canfield
Assistant Professor

Office: 2162 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-3181
Email: jcanfield@lsu.edu

Photo of Cassandra ChaneyCassandra Chaney
J. Franklin Bayhi Endowed Professor

Office: 2146 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1159
E-mail: cchaney@lsu.edu


Photo of Chien-jen Chiang Chien-jen Chiang
 Assistant Professor

Office: 2143 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-6829
E-mail: chiang@lsu.edu

Brandi ConradBrandi Conrad
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 2147 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-5875
E-mail: bconrad1@lsu.edu

Photo of Lily KimYoun Kyoung "Lily" Kim
Assistant Professor

Office: 2165 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1019
E-mail: ykim@lsu.edu

Photo of Catherine LemieuxCatherine M. Lemieux
Margaret Champagne Womack Professor in Addictive Disorders


Office: 2155 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1018
E-mail: clemieu@lsu.edu

Photo of Michelle LivermoreMichelle Livermore
Director & Janet D. and Herman Moyse II Associate Professor

Office: 1207 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1351
E-mail: mliver@lsu.edu

Photo of Elaine MaccioElaine M. Maccio
Associate Professor
Associate Director and MSW Program Director

Office: 2158 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1109
E-mail: emaccio@lsu.edu

Logan McIlwainLogan McIlwain
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

E-mail: loganm@lsu.edu

Photo of Katherine Stamps MitchellKatherine Stamps Mitchell
Associate Professor of Professional Practice

 Email: kstamps@lsu.edu

Photo of Pamela MonroePamela Monroe

E-mail: pmonroe@lsu.edu

Photo of Catherine MoonCatherine "Kelly" Moon
Assistant Professor

Office: 2142 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578- 0275
E-mail: catherinemoon@lsu.edu

Photo of Rhonda NorwoodRhonda Norwood
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 2149 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578- 5875
E-mail:  rhondan@lsu.edu

Photo of Tim Page Timothy Page
 Professor Emeritus

E-mail: tpage2@lsu.edu

Photo of Hannah PlaucheHannah Plauche
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 2144 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-0841
E-mail: hplauc3@lsu.edu

Photo of Gregory PurserGregory Purser
Assistant Professor

Office: 2141 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578- 1337
E-mail: gpurser@lsu.edu

Photo of Jennifer ScottJennifer Scott
Assistant Professor

Office: 2167 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-0433
E-mail: jenscott@lsu.edu

Picture of Shawndaya ThrasherShawndaya Thrasher
Assistant Professor

Office: 2148A Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1374
E-mail: sthrasher@lsu.edu

Photo of Scott WilksScott Wilks
PhD Program Director
Fellow, The Gerontological Society of America
John A. Hartford Foundation Faculty Scholar in Geriatric Social Work

Office: 2160 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1196
E-mail: swilks@lsu.edu

Photo of Anne WilliamsAnne Williams
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice

Office: 2149 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-7793
E-mail: awilliams@lsu.edu

Ebony Williams
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice


Office: 2163 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-6641
E-mail: ebonywilliams@lsu.edu




Name and Title Contact Information

Photo of Sarah BackstromSarah Backstrom 
Field Liaison

Office: 325 Peabody Hall
Phone: 225-578-2643
E-mail: sbackstrom@lsu.edu

Photo of Jennifer BonaventureJennifer Bonaventure
Field Liaison

Office: 324 Peabody Hall
E-mail: jbonaventure@lsu.edu

Photo of Tamika BoyerTamika Boyer
Field Education Coordinator

Office: 1197 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-5049
E-mail: tboyer3@lsu.edu

Photo of Denise ChiassonDenise Chiasson
Associate Director & Director of Student Services

Office: 1190 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1234
E-mail: dchiass@lsu.edu

Photo of Suzanne ComeauxSuzanne Comeaux
Office Coordinator

Office: 1207 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1338
E-mail: scomea5@lsu.edu

Photo of Asia DaigesAsia Daiges
Field Education Coordinator

Office: 1197 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-2268
E-mail: adaiges1@lsu.edu

Photo of Paula DavisPaula Davis
Field Liaison

Office:1203 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-0046
E-mail: pcdavis@lsu.edu

Photo of Leslie GreenLeslie Green
Field Education Coordinator

Office: 1197 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-5871
E-mail: lhurst7@lsu.edu

Photo of Courtney JacksonCourtney Jackson
Student Services Coordinator

Office: 1194 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-0249
E-mail: cjac182@lsu.edu

Johnson headshotClarissa Johnson 
Academic Coordinator

Office: 1177E 1 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-4841
E-mail: cjohnson10@lsu.edu


Photo of Frankie JohnsonFrankie Johnson
Assistant Director of Student Services

Office: 1194 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-2183 
E-mail: fjohn26@lsu.edu

Photo of Tara LandryTara C. Landry
Admissions Coordinator

Office: 1196 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1326
E-mail: tmontel@lsu.edu 

Photo of Isabelle LangIsabelle Lang
Writing Assistant / Editor

E-mail: ilang@lsu.edu

Photo of Traci LilleyTraci Lilley
Associate Director & Director of Field Education

Office: 1199 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-2133
E-mail: tlilley@lsu.edu

Photo of Kelsey MurrayKelsey Murray
Field Education Coordinator

Office: 1197 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-5072
E-mail: kmurr19@lsu.edu

Photo of Elizabeth RoutonElizabeth Routon
Assistant Director of Field Education

Office: 325 Peabody Hall
Phone: 225-578-1268
E-mail: erouton@lsu.edu 

Photo of Fallon ShaffettFallon Shaffett
Student Services Coordinator

Office: 1196 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-1009
E-mail: fwague2@lsu.edu

Taneisha Smith-Blue
Business Manger

Office: 1177C Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-8525
Email: Tsmithblue1@lsu.edu


Photo of Rebekah SpiersRebekah Spiers
Field Education Coordinator

Office: 1197 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-8767
E-mail: rspiers@lsu.edu

Photo of Tennia WilliamsTennia Williams
Assistant Director of Continuing Education and Community Engagement

Office: 1200 Pleasant Hall
Phone: 225-578-2808
Email: twilliams10@lsu.edu

Contact Information

1207 Pleasant Hall

Phone: 225-578-5875
Fax: 225-578-1357