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The LSU Early Childhood Education Laboratory Preschool provides high quality early childhood programming for children six weeks old through age four.

An application form must be completed and submitted along with the $75.00 application fee in order to apply for enrollment. Applications are accepted throughout the year and may be obtained at the link below or on-site.


We request that families complete the Ages & Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), which is a developmental screener, at the time of application. The ASQ is designed to measure developmental progress and provide parents with information on their child’s development. The ASQ is completed online and will be shared with administration at the ECELP.

Once the application, ages & stages questionnaire, and application fee are received, children are placed onto the waiting list. When a space becomes available at the LSU ECE Lab Preschool, the waiting list will be searched, beginning at the top, for the following criteria:

  1. age-appropriate, eligible child
  2. date of desired enrollment as indicated on the application form
  3. enrollment priority
  4. application date

Enrollment priority is determined by the following in the order presented:

  1. siblings of children currently enrolled at the LSU ECE Lab Preschool
  2. children of full-time staff, faculty and currently enrolled students at LSU
  3. children of individuals with secondary affiliations to LSU
    • i.e. children of part-time LSU students, staff or faculty; children of LSU alumni; grandchildren of LSU students, staff, or faculty; children of individuals working for the LSU System
  4. children from the surrounding community

Please see the application and the handbook for more details on the application, admission, and enrollment process.

LSU faculty and staff are given priority admission to the preschool. Financial assistance is provided for full-time LSU students who qualify. If you have further questions, please contact us by email or phone 578-7882.

Please note there is no affiliation between the ECE Lab Preschool and any other school.




ECELP Family Handbook 2020-21 

Safety Box Newsletter


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