Cancellation Information

Cancellation of Registration from the University

If the student has completed registration, but decides not to attend LSU before the first day of class, the student may cancel the registration by contacting UCAC in 150 Himes Hall by phone (225-578-8281) or email ( Then either the student or UCAC must complete a cancellation form by obtaining the endorsement of each administrative office indicated on the form, and must then file the form with the Office of the University Registrar within 10 days of the initiation date on the cancellation form. Cancellation is not complete until the form is submitted to the Office of the University Registrar in 112 Thomas Boyd Hall.

Once cancellation is complete, there will be no record regarding the semester on the student’s file or transcript. The student will receive a 100% refund, minus the $10 registration fee. The student will have to apply to reenter the university in a future semester or term.

Important Reminders

  • Student Aid & Scholarships are not awarded for canceled semesters.
  • Reapplication to LSU is necessary for next regular semester or summer term.
    • To be considered for readmission, students must fill out a re-entry application at
    • Readmission to LSU and for your intended major is not guaranteed.
  • Students not enrolled for at least two consecutive regular semesters follow the curricular requirements stated in the catalog at the time of readmission. This would result in a change in catalog year and possible degree requirements.
  • Due to varying residency and senior college academic requirements, students should consult with their college counselor prior to earning credit from other institutions.
  • Students who receive an “F” in a course must repeat the course within the campuses of the university in order to receive credit and quality points for it.
  • Students who attempt 30 hours or more at another institution, including withdrawn courses with a grade of “W”, since leaving LSU, must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.50 on all college work attempted. This includes college-level courses (non-remedial) in English and mathematics with a C- or better to be considered for re-entry.


This information is provided to the student for general information purposes only. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the relevant departments for specific information pertinent to the student’s individual situation. Before initiating a cancellation, the student should contact all relevant offices for specifics related to the student’s
situation. These offices may include:

  • LSU Financial Aid & Scholarships - Pleasant Hall | 225-578-3103 | | The student should learn how scholarships, grants and SAP plans will be affected.
  • Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (TOPS) - 1-800-259-5626 or 225-219-1012 |
  • Students receiving TOPS MUST contact TOPS BEFORE they complete cancellations in the fall or spring semesters.
  • The Continuous Enrollment Rule requires a student to complete 1 class in the fall and the spring for the 8 semesters a student is receiving TOPS. In order to remain eligible for TOPS, for a student dropping all classes in the fall or spring, is to successfully appeal for an exception with the LOFSA office. Of course, GPA, # of hours earned in a year and other TOPS requirements must also be met.
  • International Services Office - 101 Hatcher Hall | 225-578-3191 |
  • Office of Veterans Affairs - Pleasant Hall | 225-578-3103 |
  • Academic Common Market - at LSU, Registrar’s office | 225-578-1686 |
  • Residential Life - Grace King Hall | 225-578-8663 |
  • Meal Plan - Tiger Card Office 109 Student Union | 225-578-4300 |