Driver Authorization Request Form 

Please review the following information before starting the web form:

To complete the Driver Authorization Request Form, you will need the following information:

  • Employee's driver's license number / state - out of state drivers, see below
  • Employee's LSU identification number (89...)
  • Employee's supervisor - name & email 
  • Employee's department vehicle designee - name & email (if applicable)
  • Date the employee completed the online Driver Safety Course

Upon completion of the web form, LSU Office of Risk Management staff will review your driving record to determine if you are eligible to become an Authorized Driver. Once a determination is made, an email notification will be sent to you, your supervisor & department vehicle designee
(if listed in the online form) on your approval status

  • By submitting this form, you verify that you have been approved by your department to drive a vehicle to conduct university business.
  • You agree to only drive a University vehicle as permitted by your department and to follow LSU’s vehicle use and accident reporting requirements.
  • You acknowledge that LSU will be requesting your official motor vehicle record from your license state, and that rechecks will be made periodically during the time you are driving on behalf of the University.

The Driver Authorization process must be completed for anyone who will be driving LSU-owned vehicles and/or LSU employees driving personal vehicles for university business purposes if written in their job description. Example: "this position involves routine visits to New Orleans using your personal vehicle..."

If an LSU employee does drive a personal vehicle on campus but it is not a written requirement of their job description, they would not need to become an authorized driver. Example: employee routinely drives from their office to Thomas Boyd Hall to pick up paperwork but that is not a written job requirement

Golf carts, landscape equipment, rental cars, ATVs, and other vehicle types that are not street legal: Currently, these vehicle types do not require driver authorization to drive.

Non-LSU employees: People who drive LSU-owned vehicles that are not employees of LSU will need department head approval to drive. An example would be for Alumni Association employees or TAF employees. The department head you work most closely with will need to sign off on these requests. This approval can be sent to directly via email or a scanned note.

*Department head will include any person who has the term "Director" in their official job title - Assistant Director, Director, etc..

Out of state drivers must provide a copy of their MVR (motor vehicle record) from their home state. To order an MVR from your home state, please google - "state name MVR". This should take you to your state's website. Risk Management requires a 3 year MVR and it does not need to be a certified copy. Please email a scanned copy of your MVR to or use campus mail to send it to ATTN: Risk Management.

Please note that state requirements and turnaround times range from instant generation to 3 week delivery by mail. If an out of state driver will not receive their MVR before their upcoming trip, please contact Risk Management to determine the next steps.

For use of your personal vehicle for work, you need to become an Authorized Driver only if such use is a requirement of your written job description. If it is a requirement of your job, you certify that you will maintain at least the minimum liability auto insurance coverage required by the state of Louisiana [LA. R.S. 32:900 (B) (2)].

If an employee is using their personal vehicle on university business and is involved in an accident, please contact Risk Management to determine the next steps.

The employee will notify their supervisor and/or department vehicle use contact if any changes occur that could impact the employee's driver authorization status. Any change that could impact an employee's authorization should be reported. These changes include but are not limited to:


License Number

License State

LSU Department

Class of License

Driving Restrictions

Expiration Date

Major Offenses

At-fault accidents

Other Reportable Entries