Student Accident and Trip Travel Insurance

Student Accident and Trip Travel Insurance is provided to LSU students at no cost by your Student Government

General Policy Information

Student Accident and Trip Travel Insurance provides coverage for students attending or participating in both on-campus and off-campus (See PM-4) functions or activities supervised by the University (excluding sports club games, competitions, and practices on-campus).

The Accident and Student Trip Travel Policy is a minimal medical policy solely for accidents, providing $5,000 Medical & Hospital expense indemnity. Exclusions to this coverage do apply, including injuries sustained while skiing, tubing, tobogganing, or sledding. In the event of illness (with limited exceptions, see policy), the student participant must file through his/her personal health insurance.


On October 3, 2011, Student Government began paying all insurance cost for departments, student groups/organizations, and individual students participating in service learning.  Departments, student groups/organizations, and individual students can now simply request insurance coverage via an on-line form at the links below.

Student organizations or departments using the links below may purchase Accident and Trip Travel Insurance for non-LSU students, but a charge of $.10 per person per day will be billed to the organization by LSU Risk Management at the end of each semester.  Please contact LSU Risk Management for additional details.

Requesting Coverage for your Travel/Activity

To request Accident or Trip Travel Insurance, please click the appropriate link below and complete the on-line request form.  The request form will be automatically forwarded to the LSU Risk Management Office.  The department/organization/student submitting the form will also receive a computer generated confirmation email.  A list of participants must be kept on file with the appropriate department/organization in the event verification of participation is required in the event of an accident.

Coverage Request Forms

If you submitted a request for Student Trip Travel Insurance and you need to change the date or venue, please notify LSU Risk Management by responding to the confirmation email you received at the time of your request. 

How to File a Claim

  1. Written notice of claim or Claim Report must be given to the company within twenty days of commencement of any loss covered by this policy or as soon as  is reasonably possible.

Claim Report Form

  1. All claim reports must be completed and signed by the camp director, chaperone, or group leader who is UNRELATED TO THE PATIENT. Report the following:
    • Name of the injured/ill person (patient).
    • Patient’s Date of Birth
    • Date of the disability (for either an injury or an illness).
    • How disability was sustained.
  2. Please provide:
    • Complete medical diagnosis by the attending physician.
    • Itemized statements for services rendered by physician or hospital.
    • Prescription receipts complete with Rx number, name of prescription, and price.
    • Proof of payment with an itemized bill if payment has been made.

Payment is made directly to the medical provider unless otherwise indicated on Part 5.

  1. Mail, Fax, or Scan this Claim Report directly to LSU Risk Management.
    DO NOT rely on medical providers to forward this Claim Report.

LSU Risk Management
124 Public Safety Building
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Telephone: 225-578-3297
Fax: 225-578-3577

Additional Information

If travel is to take place overseas, purchase of personal health/accident insurance is encouraged to ensure you have medical coverage for any illness or medical charges that are not covered by the Student Trip Travel Insurance.  Please contact LSU Academic Programs Abroad for additional information on travel insurance.

If a University owned or rented vehicle is the mode of transportation, the driver must be an employee of the University, within the course and scope of their work or “authorized traveler”. All drivers must complete the On-Line Safe Driver Course offered through Environmental Health and Safety

An approved Travel Authorization Form must be completed and submitted to Accounts Payable and Travel.  For more information regarding travel regulations, please visit the LSU Accounts Payable and Travel website.