Pre-Veterinary Medicine Major | LSU

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

You want to work with animals to improve their health, well-being, and conservation.

Pathway to Veterinary Medicine School

  1. Select any major at LSU
  2. Take the necessary pre-requisite courses for your desired veterinary medicine school (ex: LSU)
  3. Maintain a high GPA, especially in science-related coursework (3.0 minimum)
  4. Prep for and take the GRE

Estimated Time to Completion

Bachelor's Degree + Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.)

  • 4 years of undergraduate coursework (bachelor's degree)
  • 4 years of veterinary medicine school
  • 8 estimated total years of school after high school

Pre-Vet 3+1 Program (B.S. + D.V.M.)

  • 3 years of undergraduate coursework (B.S. in Animal Sciences or Natural Resource Ecology & Management)
  • 4 years of veterinary medicine school
  • 7 estimated total years of school after high school

Common Majors at LSU for Pre-Vet Students