Pre-Dentistry | LSU Majors


You want to help people maintain good health by performing exams and procedures to keep their teeth in optimal condition.

Pathway to Dental School

  1. Select any major at LSU
  2. Take the necessary pre-requisite courses for your desired dental school (ex: LSU Health New Orleans or ADA Program Directory)
  3. Maintain a high GPA, especially in math- and science-related coursework (3.0 minimum, 3.6+ recommended)
  4. Prep for and take the DAT (Dental Admission Test)
  5. Complete supervised direct patient contact volunteer hours

Estimated Time to Completion

  • 4 years of undergraduate coursework (bachelor's degree)
  • 4 years of dental school
  • 1 year of post-graduate specialization (optional)
  • 8-9 estimated total years of school after high school

Common Majors at LSU for Pre-Dent Students