People & Society

You are intrigued by human nature and how we react to our circumstances and surroundings. A career involving people and society may be for you. 


Child and Family Studies

You are interested in helping children and families move beyond boundaries and overcome adverse conditions.

Student reads to children at the care center.

Coastal Environmental Science

You like scientific discovery and want to be a part of the conservation and preservation of coastal environments and oceanic life.

Student works on project to restore gulf coast.

Communication Disorders

You like helping others and are fascinated by the intricate nature of human communication. 

Communication studies student works at the local senior living facility.

Disaster Science and Management

You are cool under pressure. When others panic, you look for a solution.

Disaster management students run drills.



You want to operate, grow, and manage your own business through creativity and innovation.

Students listen at financial seminar.

Human Resource Education

You are interested in creating a positive work environment that allows employees to live up to their full potential. 

Students listen to presentation in human resource education class.



You are interested in telling the world’s compelling stories, whether they are in print, online or through broadcast media.

Student reporters for the Reveille work in the Student Media Office=



You enjoy people and organizations. Human behavior, particularly in the workplace, interests you. 

Students give presentations in business management classroom.


Mass Communication

You are intrigued by the ability to reach millions of people with a single commercial, news story, post or tweet.

Mass comm student delivers the evening news.

Political Communication

You find policies exhilarating, are always in the middle of a debate and want to change the world through communication, politics and the law. 

Mass Communication students give an advertising presentation



You are fascinated by all aspects of the human mind and want to know more. 

Students conduct psychology research.

Public Relations

You are interested in the role that communication plays in image building and want to help shape the message.

Students work on public relations campaign.

Religious Studies

You believe that to understand religion is to understand the world.


Social Work

You want to assist others in improving and transforming their lives.



You are not only interested in individual behavior, but also fascinated by how humans behave in groups.

Students listen to lecture.

Sport Administration

You love the sports industry and want a career that centers around your passion. 

Baseball team heads to College World Series.

Women's and Gender Studies

You are ready to take on women's and gender issues and advocate for justice.

Students hang out on campus.