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Specialized Markets

K-12 and Higher Education

In K-12 schools and higher education, we often use the term “leadership” to mean “administration,” but at the LDI, we are trying to develop the behaviors, skills, and competencies that are necessary for each individual to move his or her own needle of leadership effectiveness.
Every teacher or professor that ever stands in front of a classroom and is charged with motivating students to achieve is a leader. We build institutions with cultures of leadership infused into every aspect.

Government and Civil Service

Leading in an ever changing and complex environment is tough. According to Harvard's National Leadership Index, 69% of Americans think there is a leadership crisis in America and only 30% think their leaders are doing a good job. 

LDI helps assess and equip government leaders, military, and law enforcement with necessary competencies to lead under high pressure and changing environments. 

Social Impact, Human Services and Community

Social impact is more than a buzzword – it’s the collaborative and adaptive efforts that community leaders and non-profits embrace every day. We assess and develop skills necessary for community leaders to achieve lasting change.