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In PK-12 education, we often use the term “leadership” to mean “administration,” but at the LDI, we develop the capacity for leadership within individual contributors by identifying strengths and "pain points" to customize development for educational leaders.

Research is clear on the reasons teachers burnout and leave the profession. Our approach directly addresses these indicators to increase job satisfaction and retention rates. Teachers have a special purpose, but the road to fulfilling that purpose is filled with many challenges and obstacles.

Why Are Teachers Leaving Their Calling?

Additionally, “research has shown that teacher leadership is one of the most important school-based factors in determining student achievement. Oqvist and Malmstrom (2016) found the degree of teacher's developmental leadership greatly influences student motivation and performance. According to Oqvist and Malmstrom, a high degree of teacher leadership in the classroom leads to a conducive learning environment that fosters educational motivation and promotes students' performance.” (Warren, 2021

The LDI Difference

LDI supports the developmental needs of educators so they can support the developmental needs of their students. Accountability and effective development are achieved with periodic coaching follow-ups which support long-term and lasting changes that build personal leadership skills. The LDI works with stakeholders, faculties, staff, administrators, and districts to identify their own goals and develop the leaders who will accomplish them. 


Retain teachers in the profession.
“My journey has been incredible! I have discovered so much about who I am as a leader. My thoughts of leadership have changed. I feel ready and capable to be a leader that is effective and motivating to others as well.” (Iberville Teacher)
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Leadership is needed inside and outside the classroom.
“Great working with this program. I see much growth in how I manage situations. I remain calmer and feel even more in control than when I was "in control" but overstressed.” (WBTR Teacher) 
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Begin your leadership journey today.
“It's been great to work with educators from around the district who share some of the same visions and professional goals as myself. Also; it was great working with a coach who has experience from so many different realms of the world of education.” (Iberville Teacher) 


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Looking to Leadership Will Help Us Find Answers

Teachers don't burn out and leave because they can't teach; they burnout and leave because they can't cope. The LDI approach addresses individual triggers that cause stress, frustration and anxiety and ensures that classroom teachers master the dispositions they need to be successful.



“LDI is guiding me through a deeply personalized experience so that I can better align my leadership strengths with those who need it most.”

Kimberly Eckert, 2018 Louisiana Teacher of the Year


A Different Kind of Development

Each individual must be accountable for his or her own behavior and development and self-awareness is critical. In addition to workshops and classes, the LDI conducts individual assessments and coaching specific to each person to give each teacher a voice in their own growth.

LDI’s development approach lends to each individual’s best level of leadership competency.


We help build schools with cultures of leadership

If you want to construct a strong school culture, we can help you build that. And if you want to deconstruct a poor school culture, we can help with that too. 

Personal and interpersonal relationships are the most critical variable in any workplace culture. The LDI works with stakeholders, faculties, staffs, administrators, and districts to identify their own goals and develop the leaders who will accomplish them.

Accountability and effective development is achieved with periodic coaching follow-ups which support long-term and lasting changes that build personal leadership practices inventory.

LDI’S Customized Evidence-Based Leadership Development:

Customized, evidence-based leadership development

Conduct expert panels to identify importance of specific competencies

Assessed (at) each individual’s skill level

Created a plan for each participant’s development

Coaching sessions in progress


Who we Serve: 

  • New Teacher Induction and Support
  • In-Service Teacher Training for Personal Growth and Job Satisfaction
  • Aspiring Mentors and Administrators
  • Current Administrators
  • Students (New!!)

Possible Pathways and Packages:

  • Professional Growth Plans
  • Intensive Assistance Plans
  • School/District Needs Assessments
  • Team Strengths/Stressors
  • Whole-Group Priorities



3 Sessions:  $1,000/per person

6 Sessions:  $2​,000/per person

9 Sessions:  $3,000/per person

Signature Model Coaching Experience Includes​​

Initial Introductory Presentation, Assessment & LADDER Card Sort (2 hours, whole group) Facilitated by an LDI Certified LADDER Coach ​

1-on-1 sessions with a certified LDI Coach​

Typical Schedule includes 3 sessions per semester (Fall, Spring and/or Summer)​

Final Group Data Summary Report​

All Materials, LADDER Sort Cards, and Service Fees​

$3,500/Half Day
$6,000/Full Day: Up to 7 hours with two 15-minute breaks and 45-minute lunch​

All Engagements Include:

Needs-assessment (initial consultation by phone)​

Delivery of content and/or group coaching session for up to 20 people by an LDI Leadership Coach & Certified LADDER Facilitator

Additional Charges Apply:

Government rates for mileage and travel apply
Additional fees per person after 20 participants ​
½ day combinations can be paired with other options to result in full day or multiple day onsite immersive experiences. ​
Materials costs vary
$1,000 fee for onsite certification

Group Offerings (standard rates apply) - The Leadership Alphabet of Disposition Development Engagement and Reflection (LADDER) is a model used to identify, assess, and develop areas for growth and stress management. We are excited to offer the following group coaching topics.

The LDI LADDER Model offers a comprehensive framework of professional disposition development.


A-Achievement Attitude
E-Emotional Equilibrium
I-Inspirational Influence
O-Open Orientation
U-Universal Understanding



B-Balance     K-Knowledge    S-Stamina
C-Communication    L-Learning    T-Trusting
D-Direction     M-Mediation     V-Voice
F-Fairness     N-Navigating    W-Worldview​
G-Generosity    P-Prioritizing    X-Experiential​
H-Hearing     Q-Quality    Y-Yield​
J-Judgement     R-Relationships    Z-Zeal


*Our signature LDI coaching model will still be available at our regular rates. 

MBTI/Team Building (½ day ) - Developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator assessment can be used to build more effective teams. Our facilitator uses results to help enhance your communication with other personality types, and to highlight the strengths in communication within your own personality types.  The purpose of this training is to increase awareness, understanding, appreciation and accommodation of individual differences, as well as to help enhance communication as a leader.  We will also cover individual communication strengths, possible areas of misunderstanding, and strategies for improving communication amongst types.

​​Education Then & Now (½ day ) - The Education Then & Now workshop examines the evolution of environment and culture through recent decades and how it has impacted the fabric of teacher relationships with students, staff and communities. 

Generation Translation (½ day) - This interactive workshop explores the beliefs behaviors and by-products of multi-generational relationships and how they interact and impact the workforce. 

Service Excellence (½ day) - Service excellence is more than just making sure that stakeholders leave satisfied. Service excellence is being proactive in designing an environment and an attitude that ensures all voices have been heard. Join us to learn how to provide service excellence in all encounters.


“Every day I strive to learn something new and to become a stronger leader. Participating in the Leadership Development Institute at LSU with Dr. Leslie Blanchard has allowed me to identify areas of improvement and most importantly, learn how to address them.”

Barbara Burke, Director of Human Resources and Staff Development, West Baton Rouge Parish

Retain Quality Teachers with Leadership

LDI works to solve the industry’s greatest challenge- teacher retention. With improving leadership competencies and school culture, administration(s) will be able to decrease the high cost of teacher turnovers, and teachers will have opportunities for career advancement and enrichment.


Cultivate talent with customized leadership development.
Develop your team’s leadership talent for increased organizational effectiveness, and
a more productive and rewarded workforce.

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