Government, Military, and Civil Service Leadership

Government, Military and Civil Service Leadership

Leading in an ever changing and complex environment is tough. According to Harvard's National Leadership Index, 69% of Americans think there is a leadership crisis in America and only 30% think their leaders are doing a good job. 

LDI helps assess and equip government leaders, military, and law enforcement with necessary competencies to lead under high pressure and changing environments. 


Leadership for those who serve

LDI helps those who serve navigate complex and challenging environments with adaptive leadership skills. Within the every-changing and dynamic situations facing first responders, LDI helps assess and equip government leaders, military, and law enforcement with the necessary competencies to lead under high pressure.


Effective Leadership is Essential for Success

There are many quantified metrics that document the positive outcomes and benefits of leadership development. Quality leadership development provides both individuals and organizations as a whole with benefits that make the effort and time a worthwhile investment.

LDI's customized, evidence-based programs incorporate formal learning in the classroom, social learning through networks and relationships, and integrated experimental learning into the specific work that’s done on the job every day.


The return on this investment is vast:

  • When leadership development is a priority, organizations outperform their peers by up to 13 TIMES in key metrics.
  • Increases in job satisfaction, self-efficacy, employee retention, and performance.
  • Decreases in absenteeism, turnovers, and workplace conflict.
  • Improvements in workplace climate, workforce culture, employee morale, and achievement.
  • Instilling leadership skills in young people helps them become better fit for the workplace, as leadership skills are one of the biggest things employers look for in new hires.



Cultivate talent with customized leadership development

Develop your team’s leadership talent for increased organizational effectiveness, and
a more productive and rewarded workforce.

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