Tiger Spotlight: Oluwakemi Adio

Photo of OLuwakemi Adio

Oluwakemi Adio, PhD Candidate

Ms. Maureen Hewitt, Manager of the International Cultural Center (ICC), LSU International Programs, is involved in the lives of many

international students at LSU. She is a key staff at IP facilitating for international students a soft-landing and integration into the LSU community. There was one student with whom she was able to further connect with by participating in a host family program at LSU through the International Hospitality Foundation, a tradition at LSU for more than 50 years.

Oluwakemi Adio studied Civil Engineering at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, her home country. After graduating, she moved to the U.S. to pursue her master’s degree in industrial engineering at LSU. She was then offered a job as a project engineer in Mississippi immediately after graduation.  Currently, she is a doctoral candidate in the interdisciplinary program of engineering science at LSU with a minor in information systems at the E. J. Ourso College of Business. Her journey so far has been one of perseverance, desire, and dedication to her professional self. She is a hardworking, inspirational mother who proves you can do it all with the right attitude and motivation.

Oluwakemi’s undergraduate field of study, Civil Engineering, and current field of study, Industrial Engineering, presented life-enhancing challenges. “It can get very lonely not having someone to relate to in the classroom, but it has only made me stronger,” says Oluwakemi, “I grew up with all brothers, so being around mostly men did not bother me as much, but, I can understand how it could be challenging for other women.” Though there were many challenges, it never stopped Oluwakemi from pushing forward and reaching her goals. Even as a mother of three, she continues to be motivated in her educational journey, and be involved in the community.

Oluwakemi is involved with the food pantry at LSU and has been elected as the Vice President of the Kitchen on the Geaux team at LSU, where they take leftover food from LSU dining and re-package it to be delivered to the Baton Rouge food bank to distribute them to those in need. Additionally, she helps the community through her church, and is the assistant public relations officer for the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) student chapter at LSU. She helps to make sure the LSU engineering chapter is presented in a positive light and keeps an up to date PR presence.

Ms. Maureen is so proud of Oluwakemi and very grateful for the experiences she’s had with her. “[Oluwakemi is] a person who is breaking some boundaries and someone that other women can [look up to]” Ms. Maureen says, “She is strong, beautiful, well-organized and determined.” Oluwakemi and Ms. Maureen both feel that stepping of your comfort zone and exploring new people and cultures creates an enriching experience that benefits all. Oluwakemi’s continued experience at LSU has opened her eyes to a multitude of possibilities. After she completes her doctoral degree, she plans to travel and see more of the United States with her family to share her cultural experiences before finally settling down into a career in her field.