Insurance FAQsLSU Student Health Center

You should go to the LSU Student Health Center on Infirmary Road. Phone: (225) 578-6271. Treatment and outside referrals are available at the Student Health Center. Read “Important Requirements” on page 3 of the LSU Student Accident & Sickness brochure regarding referrals.

Always first go to the Student Health Center and speak to a physician about obtaining a referral to an outside Preferred Provider (PPO) physician.

Where do I go if the Student Health Center is closed or in case of an emergency?

After Hours Care / Emergency Care information.

  1. Ask the Student Health Center for a Student Insurance Claim form.
  2. Complete all blanks on the front of the claim form.
  3. Attach all bill(s) and Student Health Center referral(s) to the completed claim form. Mail all documents to the authorized agent at:

    Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk

    500 Victory Road

    Quincy, MA 02171

Please do not depend on medical providers to file your claims. Obtain copies of your itemized bills; attach to the claim form with the referral and mail to the address above for prompt service.

Call (toll-free) 1-844-288-4920

The Student Health Center and International Services are unable to answer benefit questions.