IP Welcomes LSU ELOP to the Family!


Effective July 1, the English Language and Orientation Program (ELOP) merged with International Programs (IP) at LSU. Established in

Photo of margaret jo borland and hector zapata

Ms. Margaret Jo Borland (left), Director of the English Language and Orientation Program, with Dr. Hector Zapata (right), Associate Vice Provost for International Programs

1943, English Language & Orientation Program (LSU ELOP), is one of the oldest English programs in the United States. English language programs are an integral part of global universities in the U.S. Naturally, International Programs welcomes the ELOP staff and their commitment to the program success. The ELOP’s Director, Margaret Jo Borland, will continue to lead the academic quality of the program. “With ELOP now integrated into IP, we are positioned to offer our English language students a broader range of LSU advantages and experiences while they improve their English proficiency for academic study at the university,” said Margaret Jo Borland, ELOP Director.

ELOP prepares international students to meet their individual academic and professional goals by improving English language skills and enhancing academic readiness through an intensive, learner-centered program. Students can begin ELOP at any English proficiency level and can expect to make substantial progress, with regular attendance, hard work, and a lot of support from their faculty. Chase Faucheux, ELOP Speaking/Listening instructor noted, “Students come back to me after they finish the EL0P saying they have a great deal of confidence in their ability to communicate because of what they learned in the ELOP. They tell me they were amazed at how welcome the teachers made them feel and at how much better prepared they were for classes at LSU after they studied in the ELOP.”  

International students can enter the ELOP at five different 8-week sessions during the calendar year. Full time students take four classes per day, Monday-Friday, with one hour each in Grammar, Composition, Speaking/Listening, and Reading.  Classes are based on an integrated curriculum for successful English language acquisition and progression. LSU ELOP is a certificate-based program, with certificates of achievement and progression awarded at the end of each 8-week term.

ELOP students have the benefit of classes on the LSU campus, visiting LSU colleges and departments, participating in student organizations, enjoying the LSUREC and the International Cultural Center activities, using the LSU Student Health Center, libraries and computer labs, and living in LSU residential Life housing or near-by apartments.